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Susanna on Vanassa's SWF Moment

Susanna discusses her Chinese skills, what she thought of the ladies' critiques, and that whole matching outfit debacle. How did you meet Vanassa?
Susanna Paliotta: I met Vanassa through the Pageant System. Do you consider her your mentor?
SP: At the time I considered her a friend with benefits! Tell us about competing for Mrs. Tri State.
SP: Vanassa had recommended I compete in Tri State, as it was a prestigious pageant run by the same directors of her Mrs. Connecticut America System How do you think your interview went?
SP: I think it was amazing. It's hard because you only get three minutes to wow the judges.

[video_clip_url:] Have you been working on your Chinese?
SP: LOL. I think I might stick to French, Italian, Spanish, and German. . . Do your daughter's wins and success inspire you to compete?
SP: Yes. Both my girls inspire me. It's funny most families pass pageantry down, but in this case the kids passed it up to me. What is it like going from pageant mom to contestant?
SP: It's such a role reversal. Bella always says "don't forget to make eye contact" and "shoulders up, chin back." It's so funny to get pageant advice from a seven year old. What I love is it keeps me goal-oriented -- like don't eat that extra cookie cause you have a pageant. Plus it helps me maintain a hobby just for me. What was it like to win?
SP: Winning is always fun, but a lot of work comes with the crown. I was out just three days after the pageant making appearances. What did you think of hearing the other ladies critique your performance?
SP: It's good to hear critiques, but it would have been more helpful if Leha came to me after the pageant and told me how I could improve. But if you want the Susanna answer "I got 99 problem but Leha ain't one. . ." Tell us about going on An Hour with Bob Show.
SP: The Bob Show was a ton of fun. I wish you could have seen the whole hour! To be on a talk show with such a following is definitely nerve-racking. It definitely felt like my coming out party. What do you think about Shelley, Vanassa, Leha, and Lynne saying that you are not quite on their level yet?
SP: I actually think only Shelley said that -- and she's right I am just starting out -- but if you want to go crown-to-crown, my daughter holds 30 national titles and has competed with the best of the best. She has acquired such a reputation that people would drop out of a pageants when they hear she's competing. As of yet I don't think Shelley has that problem. Why did you decide to call Vanassa about the outfit? 
SP: I called Vanassa the second Anthony told me, because that's what good girlfriends do! It's obvious I was trying to avoid having the same outfit on and the very situation you saw.The phone call lasted about 15 minutes and at the end she told me she WOULD change and wear something else! I then texted Vanassa to triple confirm she would not be showing up in the same outfit and she assured me she was changing! Vanassa made it seem like it wasn’t a big deal, so I didn’t change. Tell us about the argument in the airport. Did you expect this would lead to such a heated argument?
SP: When I arrived at the airport, and she had the outfit still on I honestly didn't know what to do. I was so hurt! We flew six hours and laughed and talked and Vanassa never discussed it. She waited for an audience and then she lashed like a wild animal! I SAID "Don't be drama" because really she had six hours to have a private discussion. But she was looking for a fight. This girl set me up and was now going to attack my lazy eye!?! Oh hell no! It was on like Donkey Kong! Don't forget this girl had driven two hours down from CT to shop where I shop, then used my spray tan girl, then got her nails done exactly like mine. I was thinking this is more like Single White Female than Mrs. America. LOL!

[video_clip_url:] What do you think of Vanassa’s claims that it was a "strategic move"?
SP: In the end, the only strategic move was from Vanassa. She wanted everyone to think I copied HER but the truth is clear. As Vanassa would say, in this case "I am the winner and you are the loser."

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