Spoiler Alert: 5 Unanswered Questions from the Finale

What's going to happen to Taye Diggs' baby?!

After the Season 2 finale of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce we're probably all in need of a stiff drink and a box of Rize's finest pastries. From surprise weddings to missing mamas, we're ending things with more questions than answers about our favorite girlfirends. So let's break down some of the biggest mysteries we've been left to ponder.


1. Where's Becca?

Jake comes back to Becca's apartment to return her baby, only to find that she's fled. Is she planning to leave the baby with Jake? Does Taye Diggs know? 

2. Will Phoebe and JD's marriage really last?

Surprise! JD drops that he and Phoebe eloped. But they've only just started dating! Can an artist with social anxiety really handle coming into her life and being a father to two kids?

3. Is Abby really out of a job?

After it comes out that Abby slept with an escort, she gets major flak from SheShe and then gets dropped by her publisher. Is this truly the end of Abby's career? Or can she spin this into something even better?

4. Will Delia stay married to Gordon?

Of course Gordon ran out as soon as he and Delia tied the knot after learning that she cheated. But what happens next? Can they work it out? Will this turn into a nasty divorce?

5. Will Jo and Scott finally get together?

We're not sure what Jo's waiting for, but she better get on the Scott train fast. A hot baker? What's not to love?

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