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The 7 Best Weighted Blankets You Can Buy Right Now... Are You Ready to Sleep Better?

It's like a stress-relieving hug all night long!

By Patricia Cunningham

The first thing you need to know about weighted blankets is that people are really, really into them. For instance, if you happen to drop mention of the subject at a party or café, at least five people are likely to gravitate to you to tell you how a weighted blanket has changed their life! Is helping them sleep deeply through the night! Has improved their focus and alertness in the day! Reduced their general anxiety! Cured their depression! And overall made them nicer! 

So, how do they work? A weighted blanket is basically a blanket that has been stuffed with nontoxic beads (though some are made from weighted yarn) that are evenly distributed through a quilting system. It operates like a deep pressure hug, making you feel cocooned in comfort. Some studies have shown that a weighted blanket can relax the user’s nervous system and thereby increase serotonin and melatonin levels while reducing cortisol levels. That’s another way of saying they help you de-stress, which is exactly what many users of weighted blankets say, and might play a role in helping you get a deeper, longlasting sleep. Even parents say they can be effective in helping kids sleep better, especially kids with ADHD or sensory issues — occupational therapists have used weighted blankets and vests for decades as a calming device (of course, always check with your doctor first). One very well-rested editor here at Home & Design has been sleeping with a weighted blanket for the better part of the past year and completely swears by it — read her full testimonial here

There are numerous kinds of weighted blankets on the market. We’ve rounded up our top seven for you. FYI: blanket weights vary from 5 to 30 pounds, the rule is blanket weight should be equal to roughly 10 percent of body weight for kids and 10 percent plus a few pounds for adults. Sweet dreams!

The Napper

Bearaby’s Napper is made from naturally weighted yarn woven into a stylish blanket you wouldn’t mind putting on display. It adds 20 pounds of weight without using any artificial filling materials — the yarn is weighted by adding organic cotton layers, which make the blanket highly breathable. Like all weighted blankets, the Napper incorporates deep touch pressure therapy to provide a soothing feeling of calm throughout the body. It comes in six colorways including, dreamy pink, moonstone, midnight, cuddle blue, asteroid grey, cloud white.

BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket

Blanquil’s weighted blanket promises to help you “relax and recharge.” It is engineered to be around 8-15% of body weight in order to help gives users a feeling of being hugged or cuddled. BlanQuil blankets have small quilted pockets to ensure even distribution. The company makes many different sizes and weights. This one weighs 20 pounds and includes a removable cover for summer use. (A Home & Design editor took it out for a test drive and loved it: “I have been cool, comfortable and most importantly calm every night I’ve used it. Oh, and one more reason to love it: The cover is removable and washer-and-dryer-friendly.” Read her full review here.)

Rocabi Luxury Weighted Blanket

Having a weighted blanket doesn’t mean you have to trade on style. This one from Rocabi comes with a cute printed cover that looks as good as any duvet. The inner blanket is filled with heavy glass beads that are sewn into 6-inch pockets with double stitching, so don’t expect it to shift overnight. The cover features a soft textured dotted side that provides even more sensory feedback overnight. And it is removable and machine washable. Rocabi blankets are available various weights, from 15 to 30 pounds, and there are numerous design options as well. 

YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket

The YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket comes with a weighted insert and a bamboo cover. The cover is made from silky 300-thread count bamboo viscose that is cool to the touch and wicks away moisture, so it’s ideal for sleepers that tend to overheat during the night. The weighted insert uses hypoallergenic, nontoxic, odorless premium glass beads as filling through a quilting system that prevents leakage. Popular with Amazon reviewers, this blanket comes in a large size that couples can use—most weighted blankets are suitable for one person only.

Weighted Throw Blanket Tranquility

Target has one of the more reasonably priced weighted blankets on the market. Billed as a weighted throw (it’s 48 by 72 inches wide), it is on the small side and would be suitable for one person only—and ideal for a quick nap on the sofa. The blanket weighs 12 pounds, and like others on the market the filling is comprised of glass beads and polyester that are kept in place through a rigid quilting system. It's a good choice is you're looking for a cheaper option to see what all the fuss is about. 

ZonLi Soft Weighted Blanket

Another blanket that is popular with Amazon reviewers, the ZonLi Soft Weighted Blanket is made of breathable 100% natural cotton. The filling includes polyester padding and hypoallergenic, nontoxic glass beads. It comes in a range of sizes from twin to king. And it’s available in weights varying from 5 to 30 pounds, so you can hone in on just the right one for each member of the family. Always be sure to consult with a doctor before considering using a weighted blanket with children. 

Premium Weighted Blanket

The Premium Weighted Blanket gives you two sensory options — a plush, minky soft cover on one side and a dotted cover on the other for some extra feel-good input. The dotted side also works to keep users cool through the night. The weighted insert is stuffed with nontoxic glass beads, and the cover is removable and washable. This blanket comes in a range of colors, including lavender, pink and mint, and other sizing options are available as well. 

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