Jenni's Near Death Experience

Jenni dishes on the bubble chair, bush camo, and her crazy car ride.

The Gloom Has Got to Go

Jillian and Grant Reynolds live in Tarzana, California with their two young children Ruby and Rocco. The marriage of a television celebrity and former Marine Sniper has hit a rough patch...

Entering their house Jeff encounters "the biggest television I have ever seen." The house he describes as large and gothic, which he says makes him uneasy. Jillian tells him she is responsible for the decorating and Jeff says, "You and Count Dracula." Also maybe some girlfriends and a gay guy. Jeff is uncomfortable in general with the decor and all the crosses on the walls push him over the edge.

Grant has been a house husband for five of their six years of married life. Jillian is the breadwinner and owned the house and most of its contents several years prior to their marriage.

I don't feel Grant is represented at all in the home. It does not feel like a family friendly space. It has not changed since Jillian was single in LA.

After 20 years on a local Fox morning news program, Jillian declares, "I quit on Thursday." This family is doing a fast one eighty. Grant will be the breadwinner and plans to work under contract in the Middle East. "Sniper to diaper back to Sniper" says Jillian. Since their first child Ruby was born, Grant has been a house husband. Transitions of the breadwinner are never easy, and this breadwinner is taking his skills into a danger zone

Jillian's overflowing closet provided Grant in his words a “little sliver." Jeff thinks the "all about Jillian" home show needs to transition to a family-friendly environment.

The gloom, both decorative and emotional, has got to go.

Jillian tells us how much the children changed their relationship. Marlene the Nanny is there to help, but the stress has not been lessened. I feel that Grant is a lot more unhappy living in a Jillian-dominated world than he is letting on.

Sneezing without a Kleenex has Jeff calling me white trash. Oh big whoop, I have been called much worse.

Enter Zoila! We need all the help we can get to lighten this dark place. Our project will be the living and dining rooms.

Jillian feels like Jeff and Grant are ganging up on her when Jeff says things like "the Grant stamp." They are having a bromance...

Vanina and Andrew join us, Jeff tells his plans, and we begin with family room. "Is there anything you two lovers disagree on?" Jillian tells Jeff as he works to include Grant in the design plans. Frank the contractor agrees with the "Count Dracula" vibe.Jeff says "everything out of this room" in the two areas. Jillian sighs, "I loved that chandelier," as it is carried out of the house. Jeff asks, "Is it the Jillian Show?" Jillian appears shaken to her core. Grant says, "You're nailin’ it." Jeff thinks twenty years of celebrity and the atmosphere that can provide makes it difficult for Jillian to relate and cope.

Nice vs. Regular Nice
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We are joined by Katrina, our design intern. The gang’s all here and we work in their office, which Jeff admits is bigger than his. I hang in a plastic bubble that might fall. Why is me spinning out of control in it so amusing? I wish we had those as chairs at Jeff Lewis' office. We could easily tune each other out when necessary. Jeff loves scaring me so...some things never change.

We want to create a beautiful place for this family to live in. Furniture shopping is a challenge as their design focus has no points of agreement. "Did you pick out something without consulting her?" is Jeff being Jeff.Grant is still fuming over the eight grand he says they paid Jillian's friend to paint the kitchen cabinets. Jillian calls Grant a "liar" and exits. Jeff is worried about what he sees as their relationship and wonders if this decorating will solve any of their problems.

Jeff Lewis Color has really lightened everything up and proves you can never underestimate the power of the right paint.

Jeff, Zoila, Jillian, Grant, and I head to the gun range for some needed change of pace and to see Grant in his element. I have a new passion: a ghillie suit AKA camo tent, which is basically you becoming a bush as camouflage. I am totally into being in the bushes in my gillie suit, and Grant gives me a pat on the head.

Jenni's Camouflaged Bush
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Grant is into guns in a big way, and he really changes when he is in his element. Jillian is worried about him leaving and all the risk. Jillian has a new life taking on all the family responsibility that Grant has shouldered. Jillian admits she was forced out of Fox News. I think this honesty will really help her move forward with her new life. Grant is grateful that Jeff is helping her own this new space and admit to her current depression. No one thinks it's easy to lose a job you have had for twenty years. Grant wants Jillian to look forward and be open to "what change can provide."
Jillian Barberie Reynolds as a Full Time Mom
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The oversize television is taken off the wall.

Jillian and Grant go off to the hotel and we hope for the best. Jeff wants Grant to enjoy being home, since he will be doing a lot of travel with his new job. Jillian needs a space where her new role as the major caretaker of the children can thrive.At the hotel: "This is the first week I have not been at Fox."

The conflicts are all out in the open, and it is not going to be easy. Grant seriously wants to move forward as a team and take care of his family.

Jeff finds a toy car and sends me in it heading down a hill. "Oh no, she's still going" is a plan. I seriously thought that turning that corner might be the end. I carry the car back up the hill smiling.

We finish the space and it is transformed!

Jeff finds a home for the crosses in their new display wall, and there is also a home for her Emmy. Jillian drops to her knees in tears at the reveal: "Oh my gosh it's the most beautiful..." What a thrilling and emotional moment.

We are so happy to hear Grant say, "There is not one thing in here I don't like." Jillian sobs. "Jeff and Jenni opened up a lot of doors in my marriage, I'm so grateful."
The gloom has gone!

A fresh start for this couple begins with hugs, hope, and a real look to their future and new beginnings.Next week on Interior Therapy:

Jeff says it is the most awful house he has ever seen... don't miss one moment!

Happy in a Castle?
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