S1 - E1

Isaac Takes On...Omelets

Isaac Toups goes head to head with the ship's omelet chef to see who can cook up the best omelets in three rounds! And no pressure...Isaac only needs to cook four omelets at a time.
S1 - E2

Isaac Takes On...Breadfruit

Isaac Toups heads to a local restaurant in St. Kitts and learns all about breadfruit. Once Isaac is up to speed on the fruit he faces-off against one of the restaurant’s chefs to create a new dish featuring breadfruit.
S1 - E3

Isaac Takes On...Sushi

Isaac Toups heads to the ship’s sushi restaurant where he learns to make sushi like a pro. After some basic instruction, Isaac goes head-to-head with the ship’s sushi chef to see who can create the most innovative new roll.
S1 - E4

Isaac Takes On... Grilling

Isaac Toups is challenged to mentor a cooking novice and teach them how to become a grilling guru. Isaac and his mentee face-off against the ship's grill master and her mentee as the restaurant's guests decide who prepared the best fish.
S1 - E5

Isaac Takes On... Mofongo

Isaac Toups goes head-to-head with Puerto Rican chef Jose Enrique to see who can make the best Mofongo - a local classic. A blind taste test determines the winner!
S1 - E7

Isaac Takes On... Dessert

Isaac Toups learns how to make a perfectly balanced dessert and then faces-off against the ship's Executive Pastry Chef, Rodolphe where they make original desserts - tableside!

About Isaac Takes On...

Top Chef fan favorite Isaac Toups has never been scared of a challenge. And now, he’s packing his knives and setting sail around the Caribbean to take on one of the most formidable tests of his culinary career. Isaac boards a Celebrity Cruises ship and goes head-to-head in a series of challenges against the most talented chefs in the ship’s kitchens. He also stops at a host of exotic locations along the way where he faces-off against local chefs to beat them at their own game by re-creating classic, local dishes.