S18 - E2

It Takes a Thick Skin

Two newly eliminated chefs face off to find out who has what it takes to tough it out in Last Chance Kitchen and impress Tom Colicchio for another shot at redemption.
S18 - E3

One Pot Punch

Top Chef alums, Kwame Onwuachi and Gregory Gourdet join Tom Colicchio in Last Chance Kitchen to decide which eliminated chef can rise to the challenge and cook one unforgettable dish using just one pot.
S18 - E4

Raw Redemption

After a chef makes the grave error of serving raw chicken in Top Chef, they're getting a chance at redemption by being asked to serve another raw protein, but this time it's on purpose! Tom Colicchio decides which raw dish packs the perfect punch.
S18 - E5

Last Chance Chicken

A newly eliminated chef finds themselves in Last Chance Kitchen after serving a rubber chicken, can this chef redeem themselves or will they have to get "the cluck out of the kitchen"?!
S18 - E6 | Part 1

Who Will Return to Top Chef?

Two eliminated chefs go head to head and use inspiration from their childhood to recreate the first dish they ever cooked. Who will win and re-enter the Top Chef competition?
S18 - E7

Bloody Good Dish

Two eliminated chefs get their blood pumping after Tom Colicchio asks them to cook up deliciously bloody dishes.
S18 - E8

Three Perfect Bites

Two eliminated chefs attempt to wow Tom Colicchio with their three-course progressive menu, but there's a catch...
S18 - E9

Start Your Engines

It's a race against time and Tom Colicchio as two eliminated chefs must speed around the kitchen and cook perfect dishes with no time to think.
S18 - E10 | Part 1

Bento Battle

The Last Chance Kitchen finals start now! Which eliminated chef will create a Japanese inspired dish delicious enough to take them to part two of the finale?
S18 - E10 | Part 2

Last Chance Kitchen Finale

The Last Chance Kitchen champ must face off against the remaining five cheftestants for a chance to re-enter the Top Chef competition.

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