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Jaime: 'Operation Jersey' is Full Steam Ahead

Find out what our 'Jersey Belle' has been doing since the end of the Season, and if moving to Jersey is in her future.

By Jaime Primak Sullivan So what have you been up to since the end of the Season?
Jaime Primak Sullivan: Working, and putting together a package for online content that I’m producing. So just working and doing that. Is working out of Birminingham still proving challenging?
JS: Well it’s challenging because it gets lonely. I’m the only person there. And it’s challenging because a lot of the resources that I need to be effective are on the coasts. So in order to get what I need, a lot of the time I have to travel. Which is challenging, but I make it work. Where are you at with Operation New Jersey?
JS: I am full speed ahead. I can’t operate separate from Michael, we’re a team. So I’m putting the pieces in place to make it work. I’m doing what I need to do to be able to contribute my portion if we go, and when we go, professionally. So once I get all of those pieces in place, then I think I’ll have a better leg to stand on to say, "Come on, let’s go" because I have these projects ready to go in New York and we can do it. But I’m working towards it. Are you still planning for a fourth baby?
JS: I will continue on planning for a fourth baby until there is a fourth baby.

[video_clip_url:] What was your favorite part of this Season?
JS: My favorite part of this Season was probably taking The Belles back to New Jersey. What was your favorite part of your New Jersey trip?
JS: Just seeing New Jersey through the eyes of people who had never seen it before. You know? Showing them my home and letting them see where I grew up, and all of what I think makes New Jersey so unique and so special, and getting to see it through their eyes. That’s really what I bring to Jersey Belle -- showing people that part of the South through my eyes. They get to see the South from somebody’s point of view who doesn’t necessarily understand it and has never really seen it, and so now it was the flip. They don’t necessarily understand all of the mannerisms of people from New Jersey, and getting to see it through their eyes was really, I think, very cool. And I think viewers are going to love it, because it’s so "fish out of water." Probably worse than when I go to Alabama.

[video_clip_url:] What did you learn this Season of Jersey Belle?
JS: I learned that I have the bravest, most amazing friends in the world. They are just the most giving, bravest group of women. I also learned that, no matter how different we are, if we make the effort we can find common ground.

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