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Chrissy Teigen Has a Legit Brilliant Hack for Flying With Babies We Never Even Considered

OK, Chrissy Teigen, is there anything you can't do?

By Alesandra Dubin

When it comes to worldwide jetsetting, I'm no Chrissy Teigen — that is to say, I've never taken an eight-hour flight to nowhere, and I've never even been to China, let alone following the exact itinerary of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Yes, Teigen has done both.) But as a travel editor and mom to twin toddlers, I do bear some lifestyle similarities to the supermodel mom, so imagine my surprise when Teigen revealed a secret for traveling with kids I have never even considered. 

Discussing parenthood with The Cut, Teigen said, "[Luna] has always been on the move, on the go. She’s pretty independent. Aside from John [Legend], she’s not really attached to any one place or any one somebody... Luckily, we’re able to bring her on so many of our trips. And that’s where she really shines, too — she really enjoys John’s touring and she enjoys traveling. I’d say we’re the most boring when we’re at home. When we’re in L.A., we really are homebodies. We don’t tend to leave the house very much, she’s just kind of creeping around in the backyard." (And what a great visual that is.)

She continued, "But when we’re working, when we’re on tour, that’s when she gets to have the most fun because we’re exploring different cities, visiting the aquarium, little theme parks. We try to do whatever we can to take advantage of whatever city we’re in. She handles it really well; she’s always been really good about adapting to new cribs, new blankets. I love it, because I grew up that way, too. It’s pretty helpful in life."

That all sounds great... but any parent knows that flying with a baby or toddler isn't quite as easy as Teigen makes it sound. But!

Turns out she has a trick that we never even considered — and we're taking notes. "We recently discovered that you can bring a car seat on the airplane and buckle them in," Teigen told The Cut. "That’s our big strategy now. It changed everything!" We did know you could check a car seat for free — but we didn't really explore the option of carrying it on and actually using it.
So you can strap the babes in so that they are at the five-point belt's mercy, and can't go squirming around willynilly and kicking seats and making people hate us? And if they're already conditioned to fall asleep in the car, they might be just as inclined to do so in their car seats on the plane? Genius!

This seems so obvious now... a secret hiding in plain sight all along. Thanks for the tip, mama!

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