The Bucket List Family, Frugal Multimillionaire Travel Bloggers, Are Expecting Baby No. 3!

The Bucket List Family, Frugal Multimillionaire Travel Bloggers, Are Expecting Baby No. 3!

And no, Jessica and Garrett Gee and their two older children don't plan to slow their globe trotting down.

By Alesandra Dubin
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Exclusive Video: The Bucket List Family Still on the Road, 16 Months Later

Let's recap one of the Internet's most viral travel stories — and one so akin to a wild fantasy come to life that it catapulted its subjects to fame, and still captivates wanderlusters far and wide. 

Garrett Gee, a young Utah husband and dad of two, sold his mobile-scanning app to Snapchat for the modest sum of... $54 million. The Gee family then sold all their worldly possessions, including a $48,000 Land Rover, and set off in 2015 for what was supposed to be a six-month journey around the world... but guess what? They're still going, having now visited 50 countries in two and a half years. (See the clip above, which the family made for Jet Set 16 months into their journey.)

Somehow, they're doing all of this without dipping into that huge sum of cash from the app sale, which they deposited in the bank; they're doing it by monetizing their blog and social media platforms, all under the name The Bucket List family. And if that seems like the most astounding part of this envy-inspiring story, feel free to try the feat yourself using these tips for making your travel pay for itself that Garrett provided to Jet Set exclusively. (Good luck and godspeed.)

But what about another hugely astounding part of the story... that this family so deftly crisscrosses the globe with two young children in tow, when the prevailing feeling is that traveling with kids is really, super hard? (FYI, Garrett also wrote his tips for traveling with kids for Jet Set.)

Well, while you're getting your mind around that, consider this: The Bucket List family is preparing for baby No. 3! Yes, Garrett and his wife Jessica Gee are expecting a boy, named Cali, according to People. And he's due sometime next week!

And as you might have guessed, they'll only plan to take a short pause before getting back on the road. 

“We’ll wait a few weeks to see how baby Cali and Jessica are recovering,” Garrett told People, “but then we’ll continue our travels around the world. We’re going to start with Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Costa Rica, then head over to Africa, as we continue to celebrate a big milestone: This week marks our 100th week of full-time travel as a family.” 

Congrats to the growing globe-trotting family.

Photo: Instagram/@thebucketlistfamily

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