S1 - E3

Ep 3: Mother Tucker

With only two weeks left until they exchange vows, Kandi and Todd turn to Pastor Pollard for spiritual guidance on how to build a strong marital foundation. Todd's mother Sharon is scheduled to arrive from New York and the timing couldn't be better for marital advice, as Sharon is understandably upset over Momma Joyce's accusations towards her son. Tensions rise as Kandi and Todd debate whether having their mothers meet each other before the wedding is a good idea. Meanwhile, Kandi looks for the perfect wedding cake and checks in on her wedding dress with the help of both her Matron of Honor Tan and Maid of Honor Carmon, who's back on the scene after her fallout with Kandi. As the Matron and Maid of Honor compete for their best friend's affection, the situation reaches a boiling point when the frenemies confront each other at a bridal party gathering. The drama continues when Kandi and Todd bring their mothers together for an emotional family dinner.

Aired: 06/15/2014
TV-14 |