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Q&A With Tiffany

10 questions for Tiffany Rinehart.

1) How did you meet Kathy?

Well believe it or not, I met Jessica on MySpace. Yes, MySpace!! I was randomly clicking on people's profiles when I came across Jessica's. I sent her a message asking about being a personal assistant in the entertainment business because I always wondered how people got those jobs. I guess it was good timing because they were looking for another assistant at the time. Next week I came to the house for a trial day. I met Kathy for the first time after picking her up at the airport. We all clicked really well, so she offered me the job a week after I graduated college.

2) What do you want Kathy to leave you when she dies?

I would say her shoes, but my feet are too big for them. I would love her Chanel purses though.

3) What's the best thing she's ever done for you?

Hiring me!! I have been able to do some many things in the past year that most people don't get to do in their entire lifetime.

4) How many weeks vacation do you get? I am not sure if we get weeks vacation, but I try to sneak away for weekend getaways.

5) What do you do when you're not with Kathy?

I love relaxing at home with my boyfriend, spending time with my friends, working out, exploring the internet (I'm a closet computer nerd) & going to concerts.

6) What's in your iPod?

Justin Timberlake (love him), Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Maroon 5, Timbaland, Fergie, OneRepublic, Gwen Stefani & Nelly Furtado. I love anything that can get my booty moving.

7) What do you TiVo?

I don't technically have TiVo, but I do have DVR and it's the best invention ever. I record Oprah, The View, Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Celebrity Fit Club, Intervention, Girl's Next Door, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars & America's Next Top Model. I'm a sucker for reality shows.

8) As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was really young I always thought I would be a pediatrician, but I found out how much schooling was involved and scratched that idea. Instead I have always wanted to work in public relations, marketing or special events. I have a degree in Journalism with an option in PR, so I think that is something I would still want to do.

9) What clique were you in during high school?

I played basketball and volleyball and I was also involved in ASB. I was friends with a lot of people in different "cliques" so I wouldn't just limit myself to belonging to just one.

10) What's it like being out in public with Kathy?

Being out in public with Kathy is hilarious. You get many different reactions from people. Some just stare, others yell out "hey it's Kathy Lee Gifford or hey it's what's her face." I never believed her when she said that happened, but I experienced it first hand.

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