I Mean, Come On!

I Mean, Come On!

"Doesn’t everyone know that Fashion PR is the new extreme sport?"

Why do we have to go against the Olympics? Doesn’t everyone know that Fashion PR is the new extreme sport? Why is Vorhees still working here? Can’t we say bye bye? I have had enough of her.

Nicolas no “H” Petrou needs a serious reality check on how to make a viable collection. We fired him as our client because he was sooo rude to WWD and he did not pay us the balance for his show.

We finally deliver Agent Provocateur Soiree – there were no candles or the right bird cages because there was no money in the budget – nevertheless , the girls look amazing. I need to go – did you see George Wayne aka the crystal swallower from last week? Ha!!!!

One of my favorite moments - my favorite all time television moment to date is Michelle’s synchronized gum chewing – that was the ultimate hysterical moment for me. I mean, come on!!!

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