Kello-O. What You Need to Know.

Kello-O. What You Need to Know.

"She [Vorhees] says that no one could survive PR unless they were Superman on amphetamines. To be honest, proper dress code and common sense would have been enough. "

1. Stephanie V. had worked for years in PR. Yes, it is true. Don't you think it is super strange that she is making it seem like this is her first time at the rodeo? This woman was being paid more than 45K per year.

2. This Vorhees situation seemed to be going on for weeks on end when in fact it was less than 10 days of drama - TV simply spreads things out.

3. Elide - I mean, puleeze. She and her friends were stealing beer and champagne and I had to pay the hotel back. No way? Yes way. Also she was sooo out of it -- she left her cell phone in my bag that night and a football team of dudes were drunk dialing her on her phone in my bag in my room in the middle of the night. This is what sounded the alarm and sent us looking for her

4. We love the power girl army and the helicopters - Meredith Bryan, the co-author of my book, "If You Have to Cry, Go Outside" was terrified to ride on that copter.

5. I love when my clients agree to wear headresses!!!! Props to Greg Alterman, owner of Alternative for joining me.

6. Never trust someone with Britney Spears tattoos. Who does that? Ugh.

7. What is up with my assistant, Andrew? Does he really think that fixing a printer is misery? Please. He needs to work more to understand the true meaning of misery. Misery is not wearing overalls and staring at a 20,000 dollar printer and not knowing what to do.

8. I am so happy that I went to the Jonas Brothers with Ava instead of firing Elide - this is time management well done.

9. Ava had an amzing time at the Jonas Brothers concert and she twisted the night away with her peers - super fun to watch.

10. Robyn lowered the boom on Elide - well done, Berks - so ovah being lied to by 20 somethings. Can you say bor-ing snor-ing?

11. Bye Bye, Vorhees. Not to be mean, but this was the most painful 2 weeks of my life -- watching her in action and watching the show only prolonged my pain. Did she fire herself?!!!! OMG. LMAO

12. She says that no one could survive PR unless they were Superman on amphetamines. To be honest, proper dress code and common sense would have been enough.

13. I love Robyn's exit at the firing of Steph V. She says, "OK, I have to go." Berkley becomes a minimalist. Ouch.

14. Vorhees is apparently now selling real estate.

15. Did you see how sweet Skinner was jumping up and down with glee on Steph V's departure?

16. When Tan-drew is freaking out and his bronzer is running, Skinner starts laughing hysterically in his face - he melts down and she laughs herself into toned stomach muscles. Literally, she is still laughing about this today - heartless little wolf!!!!

17. London - Hello Ilario - hot haute hot. Ava's dad is super hot.

18. People's has no tolerance for social media whores and pirates - check it.

19. Repeat after me: I love Henry Holland - We love House of Holland - I love Dree Hemingway - btw, I cast little Dree in her first fashion show when she was 13 - I love House of Holland - I love Henry Holland.

20. Repeat after me: We love Skinner - she is a winner - we love Skinner.

21. The tanning salon moment is hysterical - I have never ever seen anything like this on TV - wetting my pants laughing.

22. Ilario is a great hang!!! His accent is a bit weird with an English accent on top of it.

23. Stellar turn out at House of Holland - Estelle, Misshapes, Agyness Deyn with black hair - kellz yeah.

24. Cobra Snake makes an appearance and begs me to take over the seating. He is a legend.

25. Gotta love Chanel Iman - mega model in the orange lace top.

26. Henners ends a winner but looks a little stressed - he signs Barney's on the end of the season.

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