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Juliet Has No Regrets

Juliet Angus shares her thoughts on confronting Annabelle and reveals how she came to love white wine spritzers. Have you always loved white wine spritzers? Or is it just your drink of the moment?
Juliet Angus: It's London's fault that I like white spritzers. In the summer the pubs are heaving with people on the streets drinking beers, and I don’t drink beer. I asked if I could have white wine with a bit of ice and the bartender asked, "A spritzer?" and I said, "Sure." And then he asked whether I wanted lemonade or soda, and I said soda as to not ask any more questions at the packed bar. The rest is history. Did you end up getting your Uncle Sam and Obama cardboard cutouts?
Juliet: No, Marissa was right -- they weren’t necessary. What did you think of Annabelle's grandmother's story about how they got their title?
Juliet: No comment. 

[video_clip_url:] Did you enjoy the menu Marissa and Matt selected for the Fourth of July party? Was there anything you would have added?
Juliet: It was all so delicious -- I trust Matt and Marissa’s culinary choices, they know what they are doing any time food is involved. How did you pick out your outfit for the party? Who designed the shorts and top?
Juliet: Red, white, and blue are definitely key when choosing your Fourth of July outfit. The top was by one of my favorite British designers, Christopher Kane, and the shorts are from an old Los Angeles PR client of mine, Degaine. Everyone from Miley Cyrus to Reese Witherspoon loved the line. They were the best cutoff shorts ever made. To get the scoop on my outfits from the show, go to my blog: Do you think Caroline's teasing about your outfit was all in good fun?
Juliet: Yes, I think Caroline appreciates my fashion sense and was also wearing her cutoff shorts many times later in the summer. I recall she even wore them to etiquette class, oops! Did you know Marissa was going to ask you to sing the national anthem?
Juliet: NO! Marissa knows how much I love to sing, but the National Anthem is the hardest song ever and maybe not the best way to highlight my singing chops. What was going through your head when Annabelle walked out? Do you regret confronting her on the street?
Juliet: I have no regrets for confronting her.

[video_clip_url:] Were you surprised that Caprice got in the middle of your argument with Annabelle?
Juliet: Yes, it was unnecessary. What did you think of Caprice's comment about your "dominant" personality?
Juliet: All the women on 'Ladies of London' are strong women with dominant personalities, maybe just shown in different ways. 

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