Juliet Angus

Chicago native Juliet Angus has been making serious waves east of the Atlantic ever since her Gianvito Rossi’s stepped onto the runway at Heathrow airport.  A lifestyle blogger, social media influencer, stylist and former fashion publicist, Juliet has been labeled a “force of nature” by industry insiders, and has become a fixture on London Fashion Week’s front row. 

Juliet is no stranger to bright lights and big city. Previously living and working in Los Angeles and New York City has meant that her inner circle is decidedly A-List, and clinking glasses with the Hollywood elite is just a regular Friday night for this fashionista.Read more

In her early career, Juliet spent much of her time as a consultant for large fashion and beauty brands. Recently, she has turned her expertise towards her own brand, and two years ago launched her personal website JulietAngus.com. Since its launch, JulietAngus.com has garnered significant industry buzz both in the UK and in her native US. With this buzz, Juliet has been recognized as one of the world’s top 200 bloggers.

Despite her successful fashion career, Juliet cites being a mum as her favorite job, and currently resides in South West London with her husband and best friend, Gregor Angus, their children, Georgina and Truman and King Charles cavalier, Lady Peanut Butter.