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Where Are They Now: Ladies of London Season 3

The London bunch share how their friendships have fared since Season 3 wrapped up. 

Ladies of London Season 3: Where Are they Now?

Caroline Stanbury What have you been up to since the end of the season? How has life been in Dubai and tell us about your home decor line!

Caroline StanburySince the end of the season I have been moving and getting settled into Dubai life, working on my new furniture line.

Dubai has been very welcoming and very busy. The children having been settling into their new schools and are enjoying it. I have been getting the house finished in general, starting up a business. It has been an amazing life change, it’s nice to wake up in the sun all the time, you feel different waking up every day. I live in shorts and t-shirts, it’s so relaxed, and I have met some truly great and fun friends here.

My furniture line I created for myself as I didn’t want to spend a fortune on furniture, I didn’t know how long I was going to be living in Dubai for. I didn’t want a house full of Ikea and I didn’t want a house full of designer. So, I created something mid-price range with myself being the first customer and I hope everyone likes it.
It’s all my favourite colours, mint green, yellow and pale pink and you can customize each piece using different colours.
Each piece is named after a friend or a family member, someone I love. We still need to finalise the collection and I hope to expand significantly in the next year, watch this space! For more information and details email, Do you regret anything from this season?

CS: Life is too short for regrets. But I do regret how things have turned out with myself and the girls. Unfortunately, it’s hard to patch things up when I no longer living in London. I think there is hurt and anger all round. At the end of the day sadly that is our reality. Where are your relationships currently with the ladies? Are you and Sophie still broken? Where is Luke?! 

CS: My relationships with the ladies; Juliet and I are going on a skiing holiday. Nothings ever changed between us and our relationship has and always will be very strong we have the best time together. Obviously, I miss seeing her from day to day but she is always there, always on the other end of the phone. We go on most of our family holidays together. Our relationship was from the show and we’ve been on an amazing journey our friendship is real.

Caroline Fleming has already been to visit me in Dubai. We have been friends for over 20 years, things will never change we will always have deep respect for one another and stay extremely close.

Julie, we text from time to time, that’s our relationship, hi and bye.

Marissa I don’t speak to at all. With Marissa it was a bit of a shock, vile behind my back. I can deal with upfront people.

Adela and I are mending bridges, this hasn’t been great for our relationship, living in close quarters. We been good friends for many years. We lost our way a bit but again are rebuilding everything we have and at the end of day all friendships are bigger than petty issues. She has and is having a tough time and ill always be there to support her visa versa.

Sophie, we have shared a few texts but it’s not how it was. Maybe I was naive to think with everything going on things would stay the same, sure with time heals all things we’re definitely trying to get back the relationship we once had and trust built over the years. The season has been tough on both of us. Both going through a lot of changes and she’s finding her identity. There have been a lot of lessons learnt but I’ll always care deeply for Sophie.

Luke is in New York working on his brush line, I have just been in LA with him. We speak every day, some things never change. I will see him in March. I am going to Haiti with Artists peace and justice and will then go onto New York and spend five days there. Luke will always be in my life.

Tour Caroline Stanbury's Dubai Home

Caroline Fleming What have you been up to since the end of the season?

Caroline FlemingI have been writing my English cookbook and am now testing my recipes like there's no tomorrow- we start shootings the pictures in three weeks so each recipe has to be perfect. It has been such a joy writing new recipes and creating newdishes and flavours that are so delicious. It really is my greatest passion and I'm so excited to share this book when it comes out in September. I hope it will fill homes not only with delicious food but also many wonderful hours with the people you love. Life is so fast and too short. This book will hopefully help you come together in the kitchen preparing and feasting together.... precious time making special memories. Do you regret anything from this season?

CF: Regret is a sinful waste of time...the wise men say. I say "Amen." Where are your relationships currently with the ladies?

CF: My relationship with the ladies today is no different than it was during filming. I have been spending a lot of time in Denmark and I have also been so busy with my new book, new line of kitchenware, and being a very hands-on mother of my three gorgeous children. It's been limited how much I have seen the others girls, but on the few occasions I have seen them, it's been lovely.

Julie Montagu What have you been up to since the end of the season? How has running Mapperton been – anymore dinner parties?

Julie Montagu: I’ve launched my Women’s Wellness Membership Site which is all about getting in those ‘small moments of self-care’ through positive affirmations, yoga videos, recipes videos and PDFs, podcasts, meditations and a private Facebook group. I’ve already had hundreds of women sign up! And…even more exciting… I’ve just landed BOOK NUMBER FOUR! Which will be all about self care! SOOOOO excited! Hitting shelves in 2018! Still pinching myself that I will have four books out!

Mapperton is going from strength to strength! We are up to our eyeballs in FIVE huge projects on the estate. Building a new restaurant, new gift shop, new events space, new drive and parking lot as well as a tortoise farm attraction for kids! So, there’s quite a lot going on! Over Christmas, I ended up hosting five dinner parties and a lunch for 50 Montagu’s and luckily, there was NO drama this time…just yummy, super healthy food that I made. Do you regret anything from this season?

JM: I’m going to take a page out of Caroline Fleming’s book and never get involved in any drama again- too stressful and not worth the energy. Where are your relationships currently with the ladies?

JM: I see and speak to some ladies more than others, but happy where I’m at with all of my relationships with the other ladies. Were you and Caroline/Sophie able to move on?
JM: Yup, my relationship with Caroline/Sophie is all okay.

Marissa Hermer What have you been up to since the end of the season? How has the move to California been? Do you think you’ll return to London? How is baby Sadie?

Marissa Hermer: After filming, we all headed to Newport Beach to spend a couple months with my family on the beach. It was pretty heavenly to soak up the sunshine with the kids. We ended up finding a house in the Pacific Palisades, so after returning to London for the holidays, we came back out to Los Angeles before New Years. We’ve been in LA for a month now and after a few weeks of getting the kids over jetlag and getting them settled into school - and moving into a new house - we are really enjoying our LA adventure. Do you regret anything from this season?

MH: I regret going to Scotland. At the time I was hoping that a girls trip would be just the fun I needed, but actually I wasn’t in an emotional state to be involved in drama, as I was already on the emotional edge. So when I was faced with drama, it really pushed me over the edge. Where are you relationships currently with the ladies? Have things gotten better with Juliet or Caroline?

MH: I speak to Caroline Fleming, Sophie, Julie Montagu, and Adela a couple times a week but haven’t connected with the other ladies.

Sophie Stanbury What have you been up to since the end of the season? How has single life been?

Sophie Stanbury: I have been super busy since the end of the season… there is lots going on in my life. I am still working on interior projects, but since the show and the interest in my hair I am now talking to a brand about collaborating and launching a couple of sets of rollers on QVC, which is incredibly exciting so watch this space!! I am also planning a move. We are sadly giving up our lovely house and garden in Putney and we are moving back to Fulham to be a little closer to some great friends. I am embracing my new chapter and trying to make it as exciting as possible. Although I absolutely love our house in Putney, it does have some painful memories and I think it is the time to move on and start again with my boys. We are literally moving in two weeks so it's "all systems go" here!!

With regards to dating- I had one fab date and wish I could have had more but sadly long distance is too challenging with a family in London. I am happy on my own and there is never a dull moment with my boys, but of course I hope there is someone special out there in the future to cuddle up with and watch movies with on a Sunday night! They would have to love children and animals, though! Do you regret anything from this season?

SS: Of course I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t have regrets. I think having watched the finale I definitely regret trying to keep everyone happy. It is impossible to be stuck in the middle, and while I adore my friends, sometimes you just have to take yourself out of the equation and not get involved. I haven’t enjoyed the title of loose lips as I really don’t think I am (although it does appear like it). I just think when you are in the thick of disagreements and a falling out with someone you have to choose very carefully who you turn to and confide in as it can come back and bite you. I have definitely learnt my lesson with that one. Now having been hung, drawn, and quartered for my part in the Caroline saga, I can safely say that I will sit the next round out and stay out of the drama if I can. Never again will I repeat something!!!! I am far too open and wear my heart on my sleeve, which can lead to your downfall! Where are your relationships currently with the ladies? Are you and Caroline still broken?

SS: I am happy to report that since we wrapped filming I am in a good place with all the girls. I love them all dearly and they have all been incredibly supportive through the tough journey and transition that I’ve been through. Each and every one of them I hold very dear to me and I just hope we can all be friends without more conflicts. Caroline and I were at the same party on Saturday night and had a big heart to heart. We still have a way to go, but we have forgiven each other for hurting each other and want to put it behind us and move on. We do still deeply care for one another and neither of us want to let that go.

Juliet Angus What have you been up to since the end of the season?

Juliet Angus: I have been balancing my time between looking after our delightful kids with Gregor, working with my charities, while putting a lot into building my fashion business and brand. Work has taken me to Singapore, NY, Dallas, and LA for the Golden Globes, plus Paris for Haute Couture Week, just last week. It has also, been an exciting time collaborating with brands I’ve always been a big fan of like: Stylebop, Luisa Via Roma, Land Rover and Maserati.  I just completed a collaboration with luxury lingerie brand Wacoal, and let’s just say the photos might as well be one big Valentine’s Day present for Gregor (*blushes). Have you visited Caroline in Dubai?

JA: I haven’t been out to visit her in Dubai yet, but I definitely will be going soon! It feels like I see Caroline more now than I did when she lived in Surrey. This summer we were in Ibiza with our families, she took me to Paris for my birthday, we met up in NY just before the New Year, then met up in LA just last month, I saw her this past week in London and next week we going skiing in Courchevel with our families (our kids and husbands love each other, too!). So, I haven’t had a chance to go to Dubai, but clearly she hasn’t been there that much either. Do you regret anything from this season?

JA: I really live life with no regrets, I would have said and done everything the way I did and would do it all the same again. Where are your relationships currently with the ladies? Have things gotten better with Marissa?   

JA: I talk to Caroline Stanbury every day and see Caroline Fleming often, we do a hip-hop dance class together (something you gotta' see!) and our children have also become close so we try to get our families together as much as we can. I adore Sophie and we have always had a good relationship. Its been a bit challenging through her and Caroline’s rough patch, but my rule to both of them was I don’t want to hear about one another. I made sure to leave their issues out of my relationship with each of them, hmmmm…sound familiar?

I just wish with Marissa, what you saw, was what you got, and sadly that’s not the case.  

Adela King What have you been up to since the end of the season? We heard so much about your family struggles this season, how are things with your kids?

Adela King: Sadly, I still have no contact with my kids and it still is very raw and painful but I am keeping myself busy with my Adela King London over the knee boots brand and with the daily support of my family, friends and the fellowship which has and does help immensely. Also the support I have gotten from men and women around the world whom have shared their stories of heartache and whom have also been alienated from their children has been so overwhelming and has made me feel that I am not alone, which is what I have felt for so many years! Doing the show and opening up about my struggles and pain has been the biggest gift I have ever known. I am blown away by all the beautiful, kind, sympathetic, supportive messages I have recieved and I am deeply grateful. Where are you relationships currently with the ladies? Have you patched things up with Caroline Stanbury?

AK: Obviously Caroline Stanbury and I had our ups and downs, but I am so happy to say we are in a good place again and our friendship is back on track. The show also gave me some of the most beautiful friendships with some of the other cast members: Sophie Stanbury, Marissa, Caroline Flemming and Jules Montagu and Luke Henderson.

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