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12 Shirts That Prove the '90s Logo Tee Is Back and Better Than Ever

So nice to see you again, Tommy and Calvin!

By Angela Law

Janet Jackson, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage … Christina Aquilera! … are just some of the blast-from-the-past musical acts touring this year. They are filling stadiums. They are causing parents who don't usually go out to call up their babysitters. They are inspiring a second look at the era in which they reigned supreme: the 90s. Remember the hairstyles? The fashions? The brands? Oh, the brands! 

I was a teen in the 90s and I still remember my Tommy shirt (Hilfiger, not Bahama). It took a lot of saving and begging but when I wore that shirt? I felt like the coolest person on the planet. It did not matter that it was oversized and ill-fitting. It didn't even matter that there was a huge "Tommy" written on the front when my name isn't Tommy at all. Cool clothes had logos on them — big logos. Since you were paying premium dollar, you wanted to make sure everyone knew you were wearing designer. Being able to play ambassador to a brand was everything. You literally (and happily) paid to be a walking advertisement — not only for the brand but for your own personal coolness. Those were fun days.

But, those days were 20 years ago. As new styles have cruised in and out, some of my favorite brands have gone bye-bye. A few, however, managed to stay afloat and are now being rewarded for their endurance with a full-fledged 90s revival. Don't worry, they left the baggy shirts behind. Instead, old-school logos and colorways are being reimagined with modern cuts and touches. And I'm all for it. Check it out for yourself.

Fila Oversized T-Shirt In Color Block

Literally anything color-block was cool in the 90s. And the bolder the colors the better. Also, fun fact: Fila is an Italian brand that has been around since 1911! As much as a I loved Fila in the 90s, I actually did not know that! Learning something new every day. 

Gucci GG Big Logo Oversize Tee

Gucci was everything in the 90s. Tom Ford made it sexy and glamourous. The Gucci family made it ... murderous! No joke. Maurizio Gucci, former head of the house and grandson of founder Guccio Gucci (how fabulous is that name, by the way?), was murdered outside of his office by a hitman that his ex-wife hired through her astrologist. Yes, I know this is quite a splurge for a t-shirt. But think about everything it represents!

Garbage Pail Kids x Opening Ceremony

For anybody who doesn't know, the Garbage Pail Kids were sticker trading cards and they were the best. Leave it up to one of the coolest brands around to bring them back to life.

CK Crew Neck Shirt

Putting on this shirt makes me think I look like Kate Moss. I know it's not real but it's a pretty cool mind trick.

Tommy Jeans ‘90S Logo Tee

This classic tee looks amazing with a skirt or jeans. Easy, breezy, super cool.

Adidas Trefoil Tee

I rocked a lot of Adidas in the 90s. And now that the logo comes in millennial pink, I can rock it again.

Guess Triangle Logo Tee

Guess: Keeping it slightly too-sexy since the 90s.

Champion Exploded Logo Crop T-Shirt

Everyone's favorite sweatshirt brand dips a toe in the fashion pool with this logo tee.

Fiorucci Angel Boxy Sweatshirt

The jeans were whatever but these angels are iconic.

Puma x Xtreme Crop

Puma: The brand that wanted to be cool again so badly, it hired Rihanna to help design some things. 

Kappa Apua Cropped T-Shirt

Here's another Italian brand that has been around since the early 1900s. Still kicking. Respect.

Juicy Terry Pullover

I was never into Juicy Couture. But some people are going to be outraged that this brand is on my comeback list when it never really went away for them. Either way, Juicy is cool now/again. 

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