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Sister Act

Working with the Simmons sisters was fun for Chris (he's just relieved they were both pleased).

If you didn't grow up in a big family (like I did) or have at least one sibling (I have four older brothers) it might be hard to understand this -- you can love them but still want to haul off and punch them. Hard. It's that kind of love-hate relationship that my latest clients, the Simmons Sisters, have and enjoy. They are non-stop and hilarious! Born into the Run-DMC empire (Rev. Run's daughters) they have spent a lot of time on reality TV. They also have a shoe and fashion line (Pastry) and their own line of "So In Style" Barbies. Oh...and they're rich. They needed life sized Barbie outfits for an event in LA, and we did our best to tame these two girls gone wild. They love each other, they tease each other, and they try to outdo each other constantly. They were tons of fun, but a little scary if dissatisfied! Huge jewelry from my friend and jewelry designer to the stars, Larry Vrba, helped save the day. We all worked hard -- Christine must have sewn over a hundred yards of tulle, while Izzy went off the deep end and let the Barbie dolls help her style the wigs. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.
Matt met them in LA with (surprise!) the giant shoe purses he made, and the event was a huge success. Working with those sisters was like putting your head into the mouth of a lion -- you just have to pray they won't bite!

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