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Cory explains why facing your fears is important in modeling.

BRAVOTV.COM: This week is about conquering fears. What's important about that for a model?

One should try to conquer their fears in life, but in the case of models -- it's imperative. They must first get over the fear of being self conscious and shy. After that, everything else should be a walk in the park.

BRAVOTV.COM: What was your take on Stephanie?

I love Stephanie and I hated to see her go. I was quite surprised she went, because I think she deserved to be in the competition a while longer. Stephanie had a bad week and unfortunately, she paid for it. She has amazing potential to be a very successful model.

BRAVOTV.COM: What do the models need to be most mindful of at this point in the competition?

At this point in the competition, all of the models need to focus. They need to realize that we, the judges, are looking at everything - photo shoots, catwalk, and attitude. They think that mastering the first two tasks will get them through to the end. And they're wrong about that. Being a supermodel involves a charisma that must exude confidence without seeming cocky.


He's doing much better on that walk, but he fell back on the photo shoot this week. Ben is learning, but it's taking a little longer than the rest. I don't blame him. He needs a little more time than this competition can offer. I think eventually he will get it and be a very good model.


He did so much better this week. I was proud that he was able to show the world how photogenic he is. He walked with the animal assigned to him with finesse. I hope he can do the same next week without the prop.


Talk about commitment. Frankie cut his hair and it looks great! Not only did he eat a piece of humble pie last week, he renewed his commitment to this competition. He did very well in the photo shoot (but I didn't expect anything less from a Florida boy that spends a lot of time in the water).


She felt sick all week and produced a photo that I was very impressed with. She worked with a difficult animal on the catwalk and still shined. Bravo, Holly! (No pun intended).


I'm not sure Jacki is into this anymore. She hasn't stepped it up. She is flying under the radar and at this point in the game -- you can't afford that.


He didn't do too well in the photo shoot and looked a bit stiff. I can understand because he was also overcoming a fear of snakes. In the catwalk, he worked with an uncooperative animal and still did ok in handling the situation. However, Perry's success in past weeks is going straight to his head. Part of being a supermodel is knowing when to handle yourself gracefully with others.


What a difference from last week! I'm so proud of him! His haircut gave him a lift that he needed to conquer every task given to him this week. Congrats!


This is an amazing model to me already. There is very little she has to learn. I hope you all see the difference from when she started in this competition to where she is now. Everytime I see her on the catwalk, she takes my breath away.

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