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If You Pick Me

Holly and models meet some of the biggest names in the business.


This week started off great! Tyson brought over a visitor and it was freaking Naomi Campbell. Oh my gosh!! I couldn't believe she was in our house and she looked at our portfolio! At that moment everything really sank in, one of us will have a name just like Naomi!

Naomi is known for her walk and I want to be known for something. I want to be known for being good at something. That's what a Supermodel is. They have something that sets them apart from everyone else. Niki also dropped by for a few minutes to tell us its over!!! One of the four Ronnie, Ben, Perry and I will win at the end of the week. I flipped out, I couldn't believe it was already over!

The next day was our photo shoot -- Tyson introduced us to our photographer Matthew Rolston. He is huge! He shoots for Rolling Stone, he's shot every celebrity you could ever think of. He's done it all and he wanted to shoot us on our last shoot! He explained what he wanted. He wanted us to be nude and to represent 4 elements, water, earth, air and fire. I was fire, Perry was water, Ronnie was earth, and Ben was air. Each scene took a significant amount of time to create. Mine probably took the least amount of time. I had to wear a skull cap so they could digitally create flames burning from my head.

He originally wanted my shot to look very evil, kind of like Cruella Duville, but he seemed to like the pictures better of me just changing up every pose. I felt like overall my photo shoot was good, I just wasn't sure because he didn't go with his original idea of me looking evil.

After that we went back home and Tyson came by and told us Matthew wanted to see us -- we were all confused because Tyson was acting strange, but I knew Matthew was pleased with all of us, so I knew it had to be something good! We pulled up to an art gallery and there were huge posters of us with people staring. It was unbelievable!! Everyone looked so awesome, these were definitely the best shots yet. It definitely was an honor working with him. The next day was the catwalk. In fact, Matthew was on panel this week. We were to model 3 different looks, high fashion lingerie, funkie and couture! There was a surprise -- Christian from Project Runway was a guest, he was going to show us how he wanted us to walk for each look and the big part is that he made a dress just for me! I couldn't believe it, he made it in one day! The dress was amazing, so I knew I had to work it for him!

Panel was really tough this week, they gave us the good and the bad. They had a lot to say to me this week especially about my body. They said I need to work on it a lot and the worst part was Matthew said he wouldn't book me based on my body, which sucks to hear! Your body is something you can change, but I've spent my entire modeling career trying to please people. 'You need to do this, you need to do that' and this is who I am. Everyone is going to find something wrong with me, or what they would change.

A few years ago I really had to accept that this is who I am. I can change my body but my body doesn't make me any lesser of a model. I'm driven, I'm persistent, I never take no as an answer. I have dreamed about this my whole life, I've put so much time and effort into just researching this business and going to agencies. I've dealt with rejection before.

I just love this industry, I love clothes, vintage, trend setting. I love picking up that outfit that no one else would ever buy, and putting it on and everybody wanting one. I love the rush I get stepping on that catwalk! This is what I love doing and if I could just work and do this everyday I would be happy. Whether its going to castings, doing a photo shoot or a catwalk, I just want to work. That's my real dream, 100,000 dollars! I want that contract so America, if you pick me, I won't let you down!


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