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I'm Not a Saboteur

Ben clears the air with Ronnie... and his fans.

Before you read this week's diary, we asked each of the models to send home a video Valentine, and here's what Ben came up with.


As usual the week began with the results of the online voting. I had a feeling that it was going to be Katy time to go home, I'm sure she'll do well in her personal life.

I was placed with, Perry and Jacki, and we were the first group to go so we knew we had to set the bar high. From the start, we went full out and really got in to our characters, the challenge for me was to remember the camera angle and not let the scene take over the shoot. We had the opportunity to see the other two groups which was good because they didn't go as well as we did.

For our Catwalk challenge, we were told to pick pairs. Ronnie and I picked each other and we chose a Rock star theme. We had an hour to work on it before meeting with Debbie, we had a lot of ideas we drew up a game plan and decided what would be best. Once we met with Debbie and walked with what we envisioned, and she hated it. We had our work cut out but it would be a while before we could work on it.

We had a surprise in the front room, we had cards and video messages. It was so nice to hear that things are going well back home and to see my wife, I'm glad that she is still supporting me and that she is doing well. The next day we arrived it was time for the cat walk elimination, Ronnie and I got glammed up and decided to have fun with it, we had a guitar, and we had to pump our imaginary crowd, we had it synchronized, and thought we did a great job.

The panel asked if I tried to sabotage Ronnie, which I would never do to a friend. Finally, when it was said and done, they put Ronnie up for the bottom three again which I don't feel was a legitimate decision. I hope America sees that he works as hard as anyone and doesn't deserve to be in the bottom three. This week is hard because Valentine's day is coming up and I'm spending it alone. I know my wife is ok because we have two good friends taking care of her. Thanks to all my family and friends. I love ya'll so much. I love you April.

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