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Out of Rejection

Jacki has mixed feelings about leaving the show.

As hard as it was for me to leave the model house, it has really been a blessing in disguise. Out of rejection came direction. The day I headed back to Cleveland, Ohio, my phone rang with casting directors, acting opportunities, and reporters looking to do interviews with me.

The best part about coming home was seeing all of my family, my boyfriend, and my friends..all of whom I had no contact with while away. I finally got to see my Cleveland Cavaliers in of the first things I did when I got home was go to a basketball game! I missed watching sports tremendously. I visited the Marriott, where I used to work...they have been extremely supportive of me, I have missed all the wonderful people that I said goodbye to.
I am currently working on my portfolio at the moment, trying to shoot with as many photographers as possible. I have been back to New York, looking to sign with an ! agency, as well as pursuing my acting career. My plans are to work overseas as well, I am looking into Tokyo, Barcelona, and Paris.

It was SO wonderful to see EVERYONE at the reunion! It seems like forever ago that we were all together. For the ten of us, the competition is over, we have turned over new leafs, had doors open to us, and are no longer competing for a prize. We all could not stop hugging and talking with each other! This amazing journey that I experienced, I shared with thirteen other models.

There is something so special and unique about that, only we know what each other truely went through. We experienced it and lived it while everyone else watched it on tv. Despite any differences or tensions I had, I set that all behind me, because we are all being "reunited," to me, we have all made it. It is normal for fourteen strangers that come from completely different lifestyles and have different personalities to not always get along.
Everyone has a routine, and for the 2 months I was there, mine was interrupted. I was in a competition, I could not become too comfortable, which was a tough adjustment. I learned that you cannot let a litte discomfort get in the way of what you want to do.

This experience was an astonishing opportunity for me, and am so thankful for the exposure I have been given, the knowledge I have gained and the people whom I have met. It was a huge risk for me agreeing to participate in a new reality show and knowing that America was going to be making the final decisions. I have learned so much about myself, the industry, fashion designers, photographers, the "behind the scenes," and the panel as well.

I want to congratulate all the models in the top 4, I know how tough this road has been for them but they have been doing GREAT!! I think Holly should win, the girl has dreamed of this since a child and has been through more rejection than anyone in the top 4. She has come out of her comfort zone and taken some big risks to acquire what she has been persistent for. She emits the dimensions of a supermodel inside and out.

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