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Good Riddance!

Tyson Beckford talks sexy shoots, model catfights, and where CJ went wrong.

This week the models had to get into an erotic situation on the shoot. They were in threesomes. Working with one other model is difficult. How is working with 2 other models?

I've done it and I think it's great. It's just, you get the people like Jonathan who are constantly worried about their relationship and it's like, "Come on, your woman knows what your doing." He seemed to enjoy it though. He still was enjoying himself. It's a professional business like anything else. Once you're in it, you do what you gotta do, and you're trusting that the person waiting for you at home should know better. It's work. That's what it is. It's what my job entails.

Jonathan won, but his group was criticized because CJ kept laughing.

CJ upsets me. She doesn't take this business seriously. It might come back and bite her in the ass. It's a serious business. We don't have time for games. I was thinking her being bi-sexual would have her excel. She didn't follow through with the job. Think about this as a professional job, and don't think about it in any other way. That's what these kids fail to realize. That it's a part, there's acting. In modeling there's acting. You have to be able to step up to the job when need be and stop laughing when the photographer says to take it seriously.

Jonathan actually got a gig from the go see.

I was very proud of him. It was perfect. That's the kind of modeling Jonathan needs to be in. He doesn't need to be in runway because he's got this thing where he keeps his arms out like a muscle man, so this was right up Jonathan's alley. You could see that Gabe wanted it, but he didn't have the chops. It was proven that the client didn't like Gabe and it was so rude of Gabe to leave his dirty drawers there. If I were the client I'd have put it in a Ziploc bag and fedexed it back to him.

Mountaha thought she nailed it, but she didn't.

These kids think they killed it, but obviously they're on the show for a reason. You weren't killing it before you were out there. You're here now to learn and they've got to stop think they're that good. They're not. Turn to me or Nicole and we'll tell you if you're good. We'll tell you the truth. I'll tell you straight up if you suck.

Did you think their picture was too raunchy?

It wasn't too raunchy, but they didn't focus on what the goal was. You got to face the camera and feed your camera the face. I don't think they achieved that. It wasn't a bad picture, but it wasn't a great picture.

What about Salome, Laury, and Colin?

I think it was innocent fun. Unlike Gabe and Amanda,  they were just having fun. When it comes down to the work part, they get it.

Amanda, Jordan, and Branden? Amanda and Jordan don't really like each other.

With Amanda hating Jordan, it's making it worse for Jordan. Jordan is so consumed by putting energy into hating Amanda, and she's screwing herself. I tell these kids to stop focusing on other things. If Jordan put half the energy she put into hating on Amanda, she could be something. When she focuses on herself she does well. As soon as she starts hating she starts bombing.

Do you think the judges are doing a good job?

When the judges don't do a good job, I say something. I think they're doing a great job. You have over 50 years of experience with the professional people sitting there. There are only 4 of them, but everyone has been in the business well over 15 years. They know what they're doing. They've seen people come and go.

On to the catwalk. Have you ever worn a skirt on the runway?

No, I have not.

Do you think the guys did a good job?

I think they did a great job. Sandhurst needs to loosen-up, he's too stiff at times. Jonathan, again, it's his arms. And with Branden, it's his posture. Colin might never learn to walk perfectly. He gets in his head too much. He's got a misconception of what he has to do as a model, instead of saying, "This is Colin. This is me."

Kerryn won. What did you think about that?

That day she was just drop-dead gorgeous. She deserved to win. There was no flaw, and it was nothing. She just looked amazing. If she didn't win there would have been a problem. There would have been an angry black man on set. I would have wild out on the judges. They saw it just like I saw it.

CJ went home. Do you think it was due to lack of confidence like Nicole said?

No, it was a lot of things. You can't be in this business of fashion or television or movies if you don't have the confidence. If you can't believe in yourself, how are we to believe in you? It was her confidence. It was her attitude, her outlook, and the way she presented herself. Sometimes when she was standing there and I had to tell her, "Straighten up! Act like a model for God's sake." Tabatha told her at one point too. These kids seem not to get it. Good riddance! I love her, but she was taking up time and energy. I need to be with the ones who want my help, not the ones who I have to beg to take my help.

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