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Impressing Myself

Amanda talks about making it to the final eight.

The photo shoot this week was all about the '60s. The hair and makeup, along with the clothes were amazing! However I’m paired up with Laury, which I am kind of worried about because she was in the bottom three last week. Also, I haven’t really connected with her on a friend level yet, so I hope we get a good picture.

After shooting, I feel OK about it but I’m still very nervous because Tyson and Nicole told us that there would be two people going home this week. It puts double the pressure on all of us, especially since there are only 10 of us left.

When Nicole came to show us our books, I am praying to God that my picture is good … and when I opened it up, I was amazed! I love my picture soooo much! It showed a whole other side of me. I was laughing and had makeup in my hand so this picture definitely could book me a cosmetic job for sure. Hopefully the picture is good enough to keep me safe another week.  The next day was catwalk day and Tyson and Nicole bring out the founders of the House of Diehl. They are known for participating in “style wars” which are competitions where two designers battle and try to make unique outfits in four minutes. Style wars are what this week’s runway is all about. We get paired up with our designers, and mine is awesome! She has got a great style and I was really excited to work with her.

While she was styling me I was extremely impressed with what she put together. It made it very easy to walk down the runway confidently because I absolutely loved the outfit.

But at the end of the day, the judges thought my picture was too “girl next door” and that I could have done more on the catwalk. I was in the bottom four and it was the scariest thing ever because two people were going home this week. Thankfully, Colin and I were safe, but Kerryn and Laury were sent home. Kerryn was one of my best friends in the house and I’m very sad to see her go. But I’m extremely happy that I’ve made the top eight!!! Wow, I keep impressing myself each week. I never would have thought I would make it this far.

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