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GIF Recap: Brittany Meets the Manzos

Relive their introduction (and Vito's ring girl skills) with GIFs.

It wasn't exactly love at first sight for Caroline, Lauren, and Brittany, but that won't stop us from reliving every awkward moment with GIFs. 

Vito Scalia

When Vito learned Albie's girlfriend was a ring girl, he knew he found his new calling, but a ring girl must never be embarrassed to show off her stomach.

Vito Scalia

Brittany decided to help Vito with his technique...and sashay. 

Vito Scalia

She even taught him how to wiggle like a ring girl. 

Vito Scalia

Amazing work, Vito! Everyone is impressed by Brittany's talents.

Caroline Manzo

Well...not everyone.

Caroline Manzo

Caroline just has two questions after meeting Albie's girlfriend.


This might be one reason why Albie likes to keep Brittany around.

Caroline Manzo

This is the only time we've seen Caroline speechless.

Albie Manzo

Things took a turn when Lauren shared her true feelings about Brittany.

Lauren Manzo

The anger was mutual. 

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