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Albie's Big Life Changes

Albie shares his thoughts on Chris moving out without him and re-evaluating his life last year.

By Albie Manzo
Albie Explores the Cannabis Industry Were you nervous to tell your mom you were interested in entering the cannabis industry?

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Albie Manzo: I wasn't nervous because I wasn't actually getting into the cannabis industry. I was looking into what kind of opportunities were out there for a line of plant growth products I was helping to get off the ground. Since the cannabis industry is fairly new and is growing rapidly, I thought that it could potentially be worth looking into if the product itself worked. So I was never going to be working in the cannabis industry, I was trying to decide if it was worth selling our line of products to grow houses that were. By the way, we have a range of applications we had been looking into from traditional fruit and vegetable farmers to reforestation of rain forest trees, cannabis just happened to be the only option Mom freaked out over. Were you hurt that Chris moved out without you? Do you miss living with him?

AM: I was happy to see Chris move out and do his own thing. Chris and I are obviously at different points in our life and honestly I didn't think moving back to Hoboken with roommates was best for what I want long term. I was trying to evolve personally and structure my life in a way that was a geared toward owning a place on my own. When I made that decision, I knew it was going to force me to stay in Franklin Lakes a while longer. In the episode your mom mentions that you’ve always had a Type A personality, but now you’re a more relaxed version of yourself – can you explain what led to this newer version of yourself?

AM: Towards the end of 2014 I took a look around and just didn't like what I saw. I wasn't happy in my work or personal life and I felt like I was living for other people and put a lot of stock into the opinions of others. I decided to take a step back and really think about what I wanted out of life and why, then made the decision that me being personally happy was the most important thing. Once I did that I found things got easier, I was excited about going to work, I became a better brother/friend/boyfriend and I give a lot of credit to the fact I came home. It definitely helped me calm down and get focused again. 

Caroline Is "Micromomaging" Your mom is worried there are unresolved issues between you and Chris and you guys are growing apart. Despite her “micromomaging” as you coined it – do you think there was any truth to what she was saying?

AM: I honestly think Mom just caused a problem out of nowhere. While we definitely had a change in the relationship, it was an adjustment for us both; there was no reason to get all worked up. Lastly, are you still doing daily affirmations in the mirror?

AM: I still pump myself up in the morning from time to time. Just not out loud. 

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