10 Things You Didn't See at the Married to Medicine Reunion

10 Things You Didn't See at the Married to Medicine Reunion

Not all the drama fit into that two-part special. Find out what you missed now!

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What They're Wearing: Married to Medicine Season 4 Reunion

While there was plenty of shade and revelations galore at the Married to Medicine Season 4 Reunion, not everything made it into this two part series. From behind-the-scenes tidbits to Andy Cohen disclosing his affinity for yawning, find out everything you missed from this Reunion. 

1. Quad was the last to arrive.

We walked into the Reunion studio promptly at 7:00 AM alongside none other than Jacqueline Walters - who was wearing bright pink, of course - and her larger than life hubby holding her designer Louis luggage. As the ladies started trickling in, it was clear that Quad Webb-Lunceford must have been very busy that morning - she was the last to arrive at the studio. However...

2. Quad jammed to Chaka Kahn while getting ready.


While she may have been last, this doctor's wife knew how to get ready in style listening to none other than "Ain't Nobody." Really, could another song put you in a better mood going into the Reunion battle royale? We think not. 

3. The doctors all got ready together.

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Behind the Scenes: The Doctors on Marriage

While they may have been on different couches, our three doctors spent their time backstage together. All the other women had their own rooms, but apparently, these three couldn't be separated. Sitting in makeup chairs, laughing, and doing shows, these three ladies could have had their own special from behind-the-scenes if you ask us. Check out some of the hilarity above. 

4. Dr. Simone was giving everyone life backstage.

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Dr. Simone Has Some Advice for Andy Before the Reunion

Dr. Simone gave Andy some very funny advice for the Reunion (above), but she didn't stop there. At one point in mid-makeup, she got up and started going around screaming "Security! Can the security gaurd take me? I don't feel safe" as she cat walked down the hallway. When she finally found someone from the security team she went right up and chastised him for not coming earlier when she called. Basically, she had the whole crew in stitches.

5. We got a glimpse into Andy's home.


There was more to the set than meets the eye. First, our backstage access revealed that those emerald couches you see were custom made specifically for the Reunion. Not only that, but Andy admired the art deco feel of the set and said that the palette was "the color of my bedroom." So now we know a little bit more about the secret life of Andy Cohen. 

6. Producers were just as shocked when Mariah took off her shoes as you were.

Mariah Huq is Barefoot and Beautiful at the Reunion

Sitting in the control room, there was an explosion of energy when the producers realized that Mariah Huq entered the set after a break not only without her earrings - but without her shoes. There was a lot of back and forth on whether or not she had to put the accessories back on. However, when everyone realized the moment she took them off was caught on tape backstage, they decided to use it on air. And that's how Mariah Huq's barefoot and beautiful moment (above) came to be. 

7. Andy asked producers if he could give Darren the floor.

Andy Hands the Married to Medicine Reunion Over to Lisa Nicole's Husband Darren

During the break before the doctors and doctors' husbands joined the stage Andy popped in to speak with the head producers. He suggested giving Darren the Reunion floor so he could say whatever he wanted to - and that's exactly what happened. We're not sure if Andy knew what was coming, but it made for one of the most compelling moments of the Reunion. 

8. Genise brought out a recording from her phone to catch Lisa in a lie.

Excitement was in the air as Genise took out her phone and proceeded to play a recording that supposedly caught Lisa Nicole Cloud in the act of throwing some major shade in her home. However, it turned out it was a recording of someone else saying they overheard Lisa Nicole talking - which in Reunion terms is hearsay and thus inadmissible. Sorry, Genise. 

9. The ladies broke Andy.

To say that the ladies threw a lot of shade on the Reunion stage is an understatement. At one point, Andy gave up on trying to calm them down and just slumped in his chair from exhaustion. Of course, this isn't the first time Andy was Reunion collateral damage. 

10. Andy's a yawner.

While we've never seen it at a Reunion or on an episode of Watch What Happens Liveapparently Andy Cohen has a problem - yawning! During some warm-up questions, the ladies started giving and Andy a hard time for constantly yawning behind the question cards. All he could say for himself? "You know I'm a yawner." You heard it here first, folks. 

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