Mariah and Quad's Double Standards

Mariah and Quad's Double Standards

Kari can't believe that neither of the ladies could say thank you or that Aydin couldn't apologize.

I am happy to see that Mariah is now having her PR person write all of her blogs. They have been somewhat kinder in the last two weeks, with a lot less put downs. I do hope that continues. Well done Mariah!

In this week's episode, I was willing to give things another chance, to see if we could come together and mend our friendships. I know that Mariah had been hurt over the comments Toya made about her child. I truly get that. I would never speak of someone's child, so to lump me in with that drama is just ridiculous. I continue to believe that her comments were not made with any ill intent, but still, it is her child and I understand that as a mother she wants to protect her.

To hear Mariah finally admit, "Yes, I did dispute the PayPal charges" was a huge relief to me. I thought I had gone mad with her constantly denying it at the Lemon Squeeze and calling me a liar over and over. Would it have been so hard to admit that initially? It could have saved us a lot of perpetuated drama.

I was glad that I had invited the ladies on the wine tour, but for me it was a very difficult day. I had worked hard to put things together, so that everyone could have a good time and hopefully heal from things. It was a generous invitation and a peace offering. One that I hoped would bring lasting peace. Upon the ladies arrival, Quad immediately complained that the bus was too small. I could not believe her rudeness. I guess that for Quad that a 16-passenger party bus with plush leather couches, two full bars, fiber optic lighting, and plasma TVs is not enough for a one-hour journey for six people. She really is in need of my Business of Living Philosophy to learn about how smart, financially savvy women spend their own money and handle their own finances. I am still waiting for Quad spend one cent of her own money. She likes to free ride on my events and then complain about them. Her constant catty comments about me continue to show her bitterness. Next time, Quad, please don't come to my events, if you are not going to be nice. This is the issue I have had with you all along.

Duncan made a very sincere apology to Aydin which reminds me why I love him so much. He always takes the high road and is able to see his part in any and all situations. It is a wonderful quality he has, and it allows me really to respect him. Sadly for Aydin, he was not able to receive Duncan's apology and Aydin has made no attempt to ever apologize to Duncan or I, for the damage his wife's fighting caused in our home.

I really feel sorry for the Huqs that they have not yet learned the benefits in the art of forgiveness. So to watch Aydin take it out of Duncan was very sad. Watching all of the events unfold I can now honestly say, that I really tried to make peace. I tried to be kind to Mariah and Quad, but their constant cattiness and double standards makes it very difficult for me to be around them. If I compliment Jackie it is BS, when Quad compliments Jackie it's healing. Such odd double standards. Her quote "no tea, no shade" --  another double standard, as Quad brings up other peoples business all of the time. They ate and they drank and spent a lovely day at my invitation. They were comfortably chauffeured, so that nobody had to drive. Through it all and at the end of the day, I did not receive one simple "Thank you." Just a common courtesy, two small words that can mean so much.

When those words are not spoken, to me, it speaks volumes.

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