Mtm Season 8 Headshot Kari Wells

Kari Wells

Kari Wells born, raised and educated in Britain. Kari majored in Business, Foreign languages, Dance and Drama.  Kari is the definition of elegance and ambition, and has been coined the “Queen of Class and Sass.” Kari speaks three languages and has had many successful careers as a model, owner of a film production company, and has had extensive training in film and television. Kari has also been a real estate developer and investor in Atlanta and Aspen for over 20 years, and now she is CEO of her own medical realty company.  

Kari is married to Orthopedic surgeon, Duncan Wells.  She and her husband a currently live in Atlanta with their two children.  Despite all of her achievements, nothing is more important to Kari than being a mother. When she is not busy running her company, Kari and her family enjoy traveling and have visited over 50 countries, learning new languages and supporting  philanthropic endeavors for multiple charities such as Doctor’s Without Borders.  

Kari is also a published author of “The Pink Monkey,” a book she wrote to teach her children about tolerance and acceptance. With many goals to accomplish, there are big things ahead for this British powerhouse.