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Mariah's Not a Real Problem

Kari reflects on this season and is thankful that the season's drama are merely hiccups in her life.

As we wrap up season one of Married to Medicine I would like to reflect on the things that I have learned.

I have always said that any problem that can be solved with time or money, is not a real problem. This statement and belief has helped me get through many hard times in life and helped me work through some of the issues I have faced, with a better understanding.

Most of our problems in our lives, which we see as problems, are not really problems; they are temporary downers or hiccups in the road.

A real problem, as such, is a health issue, the loss of a loved one, a terminal condition, untreated depression, or something we refuse to accept and hang onto, to the effect that it harms our happiness or our wellness.

The problems that I faced during the season, were not real problems, just petty issues with other women, which I have long since put behind me.

Although, the Reunion definitely opened up some serious wounds, for all of us. I have learned not to hang onto these things. It is a truly a shame that Mariah did not feel mine or my husbands apologies were sincere. You cannot force a person to forgive you; you can only reach out with a sincere apology.

I think it stems from a complete misunderstanding over the facts. We did not fall out over money, as Mariah stated on the reunion. That would have been so easy to fix. We fell out over the way she treated me, before, during and after our husbands' birthday party, the way she treated the staff who worked that night and many others who she came into contact with. The lies, the drama and her inability to forgive and move on from the events that unfolded. In the end, I just had to distance myself from it. It was far too toxic to be around. Perhaps we both needed to heal?

I am grateful for all of the people who have reached out to me with letters and wonderful wishes, all of the sincere good people, who see me for who I am. The friends who have called me and reached out to assure me that I am a "really good friend." It has been my pleasure inviting you all into my life. Also, I would like to offer a sincere and heartfelt apology to anyone who I may have offended by anything I did or said.

I have liked having some time off to enjoy a wonderful vacation in Aspen with my family. Watching my children play with their little cousins brings true joy into my life. I love to hear them all giggling together. These memories are the ones that I love to keep in the forefront of my mind.

I hope you keep in touch with me on Twitter or Facebook or at

I will be out promoting my book The Pink Monkey (available here) as well as my speaking engagements on "Girl Swag" and the "Business of Living" for women.

I find I am the happiest when I inspire others, especially girls and young ladies. I hope you enjoy your summer; I will be enjoying mine, as always, being Married to Medicine.

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