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'Married to Medicine' Reunion: 'Mean Girls' 2

Kari Wells likens some of her castmates to the girls with whom she grew up.

In England, where I am from, my parents sent me to a very posh all girls, Catholic convent school. The Our Lady (Notre Dame) Acadamy. It was a school dedicated to young ladies, guaranteed to give your child an excellent education, and an indoctrination into being a lady. In actuality, what I encountered during my time there, was a bunch of mean and often very jealous (young ladies). I was so glad to graduate and I moved on.

Now, I am a grown woman, a mother, a CFO, a mentor, and a professional in the work environment. Never did I think back to those days until recently during my time on Married to Medicine. I was once again catapulted back amongst a couple of mean girls. Girls, whose sole purpose is to bring you down in a way to make themselves feel elevated. 

It came as no surprise to me that the reunion would be any different. I had dealt with it all season, and so I knew what I was going into. My thoughts were, just be real, be yourself, be kind, forgive, and take the high road. That was my MO. I may have been roped into their pettiness during the season, but I certainly was not going to fall prey to it anymore.

The reunion began with Mariah's rude and disrespectful introduction of Toya and me, trying to instantly put us down. It showed to me that she is still full of anger to and resentment. I have to admit that even I was not prepared for some of the lies that were thrown into my direction. I have not been called names since middle school, but recently I was called a "liar" by Mariah, several times in fact. It is a word that she likes to throw out randomly when you catch "her" in a lie. It is her only defense. I do not lie because it just makes you look like an idiot when people find out the truth. It is a waste of my energy. I would like her to bring up ONE thing that she can "prove" that I have ever lied about. She would be hard-pressed to do so with any proof. Anyone can make senseless accusations, and the reunion had plenty of those, but I prefer to work with facts and there are many facts that can prove I have not lied. 

I spoke my truth, often having to try and squeeze my words in as some of the ladies rudely talked over me. It was exhausting. One of the middle school girls, "Quad," packed her school bag with childish little signs to hold up when others were speaking, constantly interrupting you in a way to belittle what you were saying.  It was just like going back in time and once again being around immature middle school behavior. Mean Girls 2. It must really be sad to have nothing else going on that you have to make up things about other people. Inflammatory lies to get a rise out of people. What a waste of a life. It clearly shows they just are jealous little girls. 

The rest of the cast, the sane ones, do not take what others are saying as malice, but if you make one minute comment about Mariah or Quad, you will hear about it over and over all season long in their blame game. Refusing to take responsibility for their actions, so they blame. 

To finalize, I will end with a letter that was sent to me from a viewer who likes to study a persons behaviour. To correct me on my opinion of Mariah.

"Kari, When you gave your opinion of Mariah, I clearly think you missed the mark. As I remember from Abnormal Psychology. I would have said the following: Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The symptoms include: Takes advantage of others to reach ones own goals Expects to be recognized as superior and special, without any superior accomplishments. Expects constant attention, admiration and positive reinforcement from others. Envies others and believes others envy him/her. Is constantly preoccupied with thoughts and fantasies of great success, enormous attractiveness and power. Lacks the ability to empathize with the feelings or desires of others. Is arrogant in ones attitudes and behavior. Has expectations of special treatment by others, Unrealistic to the extent that people are pathologically narcissistic, they can be controlling, blaming, self-absorbed, intolerant of others’ views, unaware of others' needs and of the effects of their behavior on others. They are insistent that others see them as they wish to be seen. Narcissistic individuals use various strategies to protect the self at the expense of others. They tend to devalue, derogate and blame others, they respond to criticism by threatening or react with anger and hostility. They exaggerate their accomplishments and achievements. They will often treat others disrespectfully while at the same time demanding respect from them"

Sound familiar? Although not a clinical diagnosis, it certainly was a very interesting and enlightening opinion.

For more information go to or follow me on Twitter kariwells_

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