Dr. Jackie's Fairytale Land

Dr. Jackie's Fairytale Land

Mariah doesn't think Dr. Jackie treated the ladies respectfully at her Lemon Squeeze.

The Queen B is back and feeling fabulous. Did you miss me last week? I definitely missed you. I needed some time to renew, refresh, and restore the positive energy within and around me. I really enjoyed reading all of your feedback and comments. I am also extremely humbled and appreciative of all the love and support you have shown.

#Married2Med has been one heck of a journey with tons of peaks and valleys.

Watching this episode enlightened me. I realized that Simone and I definitely have a different interpretation of what friendship means. Perhaps she is masking the guilt that she SHOULD be feeling for failing me as a friend. But, I'm the one who needs to rebuild her image? Interesting. Maybe Jackie and Simone can take a few pointers on me and Quad's friendship. We truly accept each other without judgement.

I really applaud Jackie on her efforts to bring the group together for the Sour Squeeze. I think next time she tries bringing us together, she should mean that literally. I'm not sure that unity is being promoted when you arrange a gathering that divides the ladies in teams. I can definitely say that it's a problem for one woman to treat her peers as if they're children by scolding their mannerisms and restricting what they can drink. Did I miss the episode where Dr. Jackie, OB/GYN, morphs into Dr. Greg, or better yet Dr. Phil? Maybe she should have started the Lemon Squeeze with the disclaimer: "I'm not a real shrink, I just play one on TV."

As transparent as I have been, I can't help but feel like we are reading a fairy tale in the land of make believe where people tell you what you want to hear versus what is real!

Once the truth was revealed about what was said regarding my child this evening, after weeks of denials and protestations, I thought the other ladies would show more compassion and understanding. But, it didn't happen.

This wasn't a mockery of women tonight. It was a mockery of basic principles when children are the ones that are ultimately affected. If any adult has nothing better to discuss than someone else's child, perhaps they need to reevaluate themselves and get a life!

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