Mtm Season 10 Simone

Simone Whitmore

Dr. Simone Whitmore was born and raised in Nashville and earned a bachelor of science degree from Spelman College. After graduating from the Quillen College of Medicine at East Tennessee State University, she completed an OBGYN residency at Boston University and Boston Medical Center.
Dr. Simone is truly enjoying life with her husband, Cecil, of 27 years. When she’s not practicing OBGYN in Atlanta, she’s traveling, shopping and looking for the next real estate investment property. Dr. Simone also continues to do speaking engagements for various organizations and causes throughout the country. 
As proud parents of Miles (25) and Michael (21), Dr. Simone and Cecil schedule family time with the busy young men who are both attending Georgia State University. Miles is working part-time and taking courses toward a film degree. Michael is playing on the basketball team and working toward a criminal justice/pre-law degree.  
Dr. Simone and Cecil are thrilled to be empty nesters. They’re still keeping the spark in their relationship alive, reminiscent of their old Spelman-Morehouse days where it all began.