Mariah: "This Was Not a Game!"

Mariah: "This Was Not a Game!"

Mariah Huq explains why she is ready to forgive.


Watching this episode, I am reminded of the importance of forgiveness. Life is a journey and the one guarantee is that mistakes will be made along the way. I know I have made plenty! When Dr. Simone pulled me aside to give her perspective about the situation and apologize, I was completely receptive because I felt it was genuine. I was glad that she understood my disappointment that she hadn’t been there for me during my time of need, and finally recognized the true value of our nine-year friendship.

As we rode home from the winery, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted when it was finally acknowledged that the conversations about my daughter had indeed taken place. I was tired of the lying, gossiping, backstabbing, and fighting amongst the ladies. More importantly, I was tired of having the same discussion over and over again in front of the camera. Despite what anyone may believe, this situation made my entire family uncomfortable. This was not a game! We could have dealt with the media or audience discussing it, but it was a dagger to our hearts that the pain was inflicted from within our circle of friends whom we trusted. But as with anything else in life, time does heal all wounds.

Watching Aydin at Dr. Simone and Cecil's home was heartbreaking for me. It was very evident that Aydin is not at peace with the situation and will require more time. He is hurt and feels betrayed. But it was also a classic example of how men deal with situations totally different from women. There’s an old parable which says, “Men forget, but never truly forgive and women forgive, but will never ever forget!” I must admit, I was extremely pleased after Aydin departed when Cecil explained my husband’s sentiments to the other men. He was right on point. Aydin and I have so much respect and admiration for Cecil. He is definitely a stand-up and stand-out guy who has charisma and character galore! It takes a ton of courage to go against the popular vote, and stand up for what's right. I'm convinced he helped Simone see things more clearly as well, which is what great spouses ought to do. Hopefully, the other husbands fully grasped the message that Cecil conveyed about a father’s unconditional love.At this point, I'm not sure where things will go with a few of these ladies, but I'm going to forget about all the drama, and put my best foot forward. I’ve decided to forgive, let go, and let God. I can't tell another person’s heart or intent, but I do know mine. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that I'm approving, accepting, dismissing, or condoning what someone else did. For me it means, I am releasing the past so it no longer has control over my thoughts and the way I feel. Instead of trying to change folks, I will learn to see them for who they are and interact with them accordingly. Holding on to grudges and negative energy makes me bitter and angry, and that's not who I am or who I want to be. I am a sassy mother, saucy wife, savvy entrepreneur, and stellar friend. 

I would rather focus my time in those areas I've spent years building including Mariah Media Group and The Jewel & Jem kids bedding and pajama line that my sister and I co-own. Jewel and Jem will be available in several department stores late summer. Our parent company, Laura, Dare is available now at JcPenney's, Sears, & Nordstrom. I'm definitely ready to get back to work, put on my heels, and close a few more top $$$ deals! Yaaasss! She is #VeryBossy #CheckyourEmail!


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