The Redemption of Quad

The Redemption of Quad

Mariah compliments Quad on shutting down the drama and sees red over Toya's comments about her daughter.

Queens of Schemes!

This episode should definitely be called the redemption of Quad, because she #pushedthru the moment she entered the party #Yaaaass. All I have to say is they may have started the drama, but she definitely finished it and made them #throwuptheirlives.

Of course both my parties were shut down. But after seeing all the mean things they had to say about her, I'm glad she held her ground. She showed them that she will not be intimidated, so they may as well fly south! Hopefully now, Kari understands you get what you give, and "it ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun" even when you are a "Medical Mistress." LMAO

Treacherous Toya warned us last episode, that she believes in "devising schemes," so I should not have been hurt or surprised about her and her flubby hubby disclosing my daughter's adoption to the world. Especially, considering she didn't know at the time. Of course, he pretended to be complimenting Aydin, but honey that was not the case. If they were truly complimenting my husband there are plenty of things he could have said without announcing details about a closed adoption. They could have simply said he is a great husband, good friend, great doctor, and phenomenal father, point-blank. Period! Instead they gave a back-hand compliment to Aydin, called me "difficult," and threw tons of shade. #ShadyBoots Did I mention they did all this while they were partaking in our fabulous festivities, as our welcomed guest at our home? #MessyBoots

Anything that happened after their little announcement, at the party is null and void to me. The other stuff is petty! They took it to a new level. This moment in time is where I get amnesia, and forget about all that I have invested in college, degrees I've obtained, respect I have earned, friends I have made, life I have built with my wonderful husband and love my family has for me. All I could do is think about my child, and how these two messy queens devised the perfect low-down-dirty scheme!

Yep things are definitely about to get ugly, All I see is RED! #CatchFire!

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