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Sizing Up Quad

Simone wishes that Mariah's party could have gone off drama-free.

By Simone Whitmore

The Doctor is in!

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As you can already tell, we all have BIG personalities in Married to Medicine!

The perception of doctors is that we place ourselves on a different pedestal, but I pride myself on being real. In Atlanta, we meet people all of the time perpetuating their position or net worth. I can enjoy the company of my friends who are doing well without having to talk about what they have, how much it costs, or who they know. Doctors or doctors' wives, it doesn't matter. Give me genuine and realness!!!

Jackie and I drove to Mariah's party together so I could make sure Jackie actually ATTENDED the party. The ladies were definitely sizing up Quad at the party and giving her the fifth degree on the wedding and married life. It was disappointing that Mariah's birthday party turned into finger pointing, arguments, and shouting. I was looking forward to a fun time and hanging out but unfortunately we ended up leaving early because of all the drama!

I am originally from Nashville, TN, and lived in Memphis for three years, so I understand Quad's point of growing up in Memphis and not letting anyone take advantage of you. This was my first time meeting Quad and she seems to be a very emotional lady, but she also has a professional career and is very genuine. I can relate to some of her actions because they remind me of myself during my younger days.

I am very fortunate to own my practice, North Perimeter OB/GYN in Duluth, a suburb of Atlanta, and because I have a husband who is a manager at Coca-Cola, I don't have to work as many hours as some of the other doctors. However, even with fewer hours, my OB/GYN practice keeps me very busy.

This is my first Docs on the Dock party. I had to bring a bottle of vodka to the party to make sure I had something to drink, as I am not a wine drinker like Mariah. The Huq's home is beautiful and the lake gives you a feeling of being on vacation. The Docs on the Dock party is a fabulous event. Mariah is an expert at throwing great parties and she will spare no expense to ensure that everyone has a great time. It was a beautiful day in Atlanta and the party was going great. Quad made her grand entrance and you will have to stay tuned for how the party ends this time!

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Dr. Simone

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