Dr. Heavenly Doesn't Think Jackie Is a Happy Person

Dr. Heavenly Doesn't Think Jackie Is a Happy Person

Dr. Heavenly explains why she's #TeamDaddy what she hopes for 

I would like to first and foremost like to say I am excited and honored to be the newest member of Bravo's Married to Medicine, I feel very blessed and fortunate to lead the life I live and I thank God everyday for his many lessons.

Having said that I really do hope Mariah and Quad work out their differences, as life is too short to hold grudges. Quad and Mariah are both good people, and I honestly think they both are being immature in not hashing out their differences as women should. They both can agree to disagree and move on with their lives, whether they are best friends or just acquaintances.

Toya: I think Toya handled herself very well with the way she responded to the situation with Dr. Simone dancing on her husband. I do not think I could have responded as poised and with such professionalism as she did. Dr. Simone needs to apologize immediately, as it was very inappropriate.


Dr. Simone:  I am a very proud to be a doctor, but I would have to honestly say I am more proud to be a wife and a mother. Dr Simone actually acts as if being a "Doctor's Wife" is a bad thing. I actually like and embrace the title, I am excited and truly happy to be Mrs. Dr. Damon Kimes, and I take pleasure in serving him! #TeamDaddy

Dr . Jackie!!! Wooo #WeGonThankGod!! I think that Dr Jackie is not a happy person, I'm not understanding why she has to belittle people that she does not know in a bowling alley! Telling someone that they are obese and then beginning to explain all the predisposed conditions of being overweight in a bowling alley is INSANE. It did not come from a good place. Many times it's not so much what you say but how you say it! A happy person who is a plus size 18 can very well be more healthy than a person who is a size negative two (Jackie's size zero is too big!) that works long hours in a stressful environment. It does not take a physician or a dentist to see that!!! That would be equivalent of me walking up to someone and saying "Your teeth are jacked up and could carry an infectious disease!" There is a time and place for everything -- and the bowling alley was definitely not one of them!


Being an educated woman, I'm not so sure why Dr. Jackie would say a dentist is not a doctor. I think that was a very ignorant statement but, Dr. Jackie is very far from being the perfect person she pretends to be.

I would like to say, however, that I'm glad that i was able to share my story of being overweight. I gained many pounds when I was pregnant, I tried everything to lose weight, even had surgery. But nothing helped until I applied my "Business Prescriptions" to be consistent, persistent, focused, disciplined, and learned to mimic success!

To learn more about me and my weight loss journey of losing more than 80 pounds, please visit my web site at DrHeavenly.com.

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