Heavenly: We Don't Need a Queen

Heavenly: We Don't Need a Queen

Dr. Heavenly regrets the pact against Mariah and thinks Simone is just a big softy with a bad memory.

As I live my life I have noticed that some things really don't matter as much as we think they do.

I really feel bad about the pact we made not to invite Mariah to our events. Honestly I think it was petty and stupid. We have all done wrong (some more than others), but bottom line is nobody is perfect.

I quite often talk about forgiveness. It's time to forgive! I will say again, my problem was not so much with Mariah -- it was her mother who really offended me. Honestly she may have meant no harm. . .Who am I fooling? Yes she did. . .but I have to understand she does not know any better.

We should never exclude anyone from our group. As mature adults we should be able to talk and work through anything.

I am now understanding the ladies better. Simone is a softy. She talks a lot but she really would not hurt a fly.  Half the things she says, she does not remember anyway. Funny thing is she will cuss you out, but when she realizes she was wrong, he blames it on the alcohol then apologizes. I don't expect her to change anytime soon.

Mariah has also done wrong things, but who hasn't? She lies, but heck maybe she doesn't remember either. She thinks she is better than Quad and "cut from a different cloth." That's the part of her I really don't like or understand. I think are all equal, and we don't need a queen.

At the end of the day I like Mariah she is fun and unpredictable. I think most of her drama comes from all the people she usually brings with her. There is always this serious tension that is present. Her mother, sister, and husband always seem so unnecessarily uptight. It's hard to relax around them.

I think the important thing to remember is we are all good people, we have all made mistakes, and we all deserve forgiveness.

See you at the top!

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