Pretty Much Everything Mariah Said Was a Lie

Pretty Much Everything Mariah Said Was a Lie

Heavenly should have prepared for a presidential debate considering how the other ladies acted.

The reunion show was a time for all of us to come together and tell our sides of the story, face-to-face.

I saw some of the ladies get very upset. Mariah asked the question: "Why can Heavenly say what she wants and no one really gets that upset?" Well here is the answer -- Dr. Heavenly tells the truth, her truth, and nothing but. Mariah tells lies. People get upset when you boldly lie to their faces.

Mariah tells lies so well that one might believe there are two different people in her body. She tells lies like she really believes she is telling the truth. Confused? SO am I! I would believe her too if I wasn't present when she says the things.

I should have prepared for a presidential debate and called her out on every lie. But I can pretty much tell you EVERYTHING she said was not true. I'll give it to her. She is very good at what she does.

There is something about Mariah I do like though. There is something about a chick that can remain so confident in the midst of turmoil. Someone once asked me to describe her with one a few words -- those words would be (Quad said it best) MASTER MANIPULATOR!!!


I do really like that she apologized to Quad for not being good friend. I do think she meant it,  and I think people can change. (Well I hope so.)

I'm not understanding why Simone and Toya cannot get along. It bothers me because I know they are both good people. My two cents, if you dance on my man and I tell you (or motion for you to stop) -- just stop!!! It was disrespectful. Although, now that I know Simone, she really did not mean any harm. No need to ruin a friendship over that and surely no need to have a big blow up at the break and call each other names.

Dr. Jackie is a very nice lady, but she is also very fake. She knows good and damn well if Simone danced on Curtis and she told her to stop and she didn't,   she would have problem with it. She does not hold her friend Dr. Simone accountable. I was looking for her to speak up and tell Simone she was wrong, as a friend should.

I guess their friendship consists of supporting each other's mess even when they are wrong. (I guess thats what Mariah and Quad wanted from each other.) I was also looking for her to motion Dr. Simone to stop all the yelling and screaming. It was so uncalled for.

Lisa Nicole should NEVER try to come at me about the way I'm raising my child. In fact, she should be worrying about where her man was (I think I saw Keisha in the hallway). I am raising my daughter to be a very educated and successful woman, like myself. My daughter is wonderful and she makes straight As in school. I am very proud of her! Success does not always mean money (being that Lisa is soo rich). It means being healthy, happy, and knowing your place with God.

Having said all of that, I am looking forward to some resolutions in Part 2 of the reunion! Can we all just get along?

Until then. . .I'll just keep sipping on my "coffee."


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