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Dr. Heavenly's Party: Class Vs. No Class

Dr. Jackie explains why she couldn't let Dr. Heavenly talk about obesity and what she thinks of Toya's beef with Dr. Simone.

By Jacqueline Walters

Paging Dr. Jackie: She’s a Doctor 24/7

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One day while traveling on a plane, the flight attendant asked, “Is there a doctor on the plane?” I quickly jumped from my seat to respond because duty had called. Again, while in a concert a man falls out and I could see he was in distress. Again, I quickly jumped from my seat to aid an obvious ailing human. Often times I am sitting in the hair salon and the ladies are going back and forth about what their doctor has said or are quoting incorrect medical facts. It takes every "inhibitory fiber" in my brain not to say, "That’s not right."

95 percent of the time, I stay quiet but OMG, 5 percent of the time I just have what seems like an involuntary response coming from my mouth that addresses wrong medical information that are flowing out into the universe. So, I am being a physician 24/7, I have and will comment on misinformation spoken especially on national TV (#BRAVOTV).

What you saw on Episode 1 was me having one of those involuntary moments of not allowing one to say that "being overweight is healthy." You surely can't say that a person of ideal body weight will not get ill, but you can say that one over the ideal BMI is at an increased risk of co-morbidities (i.e. hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, etc.). It is my responsibility as a medical physician to educate, educate, educate. As I stood up to speak to Miss Georgia plus, I stood up in a gesture of respect and not out of disrespect. I sounded like I was "attacking" her but my passion for great health came roaring in like a lion.


Now Dr. Heavenly, our newest member on this second season of Married to Medicine, she somehow projected her feeling about being ridiculed for her weight on to me. Because of my passion for being fit, I became an easy target. Her struggles with weight loss became my struggle with me personally. Who invites guest to their home and verbally attacks them?!? We were at a "black tie" event with a house full of professionals. The doctors get accused of classism. That's right; this was NO Class vs Class. You take a guess. I have NEVER, EVER, NEVER seen a professional adult female (or male) perform like this in an open setting. Now being that I am a not a reactive being (classy), I thought the right thing to do was speak with her in private. I didn't know the Mariah, the hype person in all this craziness was gonna join us. So yes I was sooooooo angry about that approach that I spoke to DR. HEAVENLY from a place of discontent. Yes, calling her "NOT A DOCTOR" was disrespectful and yes she is a doctor of dental surgery. Not sure if she would get called for a Code Blue!

I was shocked about the beef Toya had with Dr. Simone because the two couples had been hanging out a lot since Season 1.  They have eaten together and partied together, so I am just shocked at Toya's insecurities with Simone dancing with Eugene. I do think this was also very shocking to Simone as well. Now I didn't make it to the dance floor -- so I didn’t see this but OOOOK (brow raised). I don't think that would have moved me if it had been Simone (my friend) dancing with Curtis.


Quad's gonna have a baby. Ahhh, NOT! Picking the right time to have a baby is such a delicate topic -- even in homes like mine. Deciding on right time is very, very complex. The struggles come when one partner wants a baby at a different time from the other. I think you will see how difficult it really is for the two couples who are totally different in so many ways -- yet similar in two ways, one partner is a doctor and one partner wants a baby NOW. You will see as the season unfolds just how difficult it really is.

Now for me, Dr. Jackie OBGYN extraordinaire, I want everybody pregnant (please) but I do know how important it is for the family dynamics that both parties are in agreement on timing. Let's watch to see just how the doctors' work this complex situation out. Let's see if the she MD or he MD will get what they want -- A BABY (and not a puppy)!

Well, well, well, looks like the queen "B" and her bestie are in a fight in the Bee Hive. Looks like the queen has lost her sting. Oh and as stated, "the TREE" is losing her branches. Now this broken relationship is a shocker to us all. I somehow thought last season that this was NOT a match made in heaven. It’s gonna be "HOT" watching this relationship go through it's phases of healing. Though some wounds never heal and you have to cut that limb off. In medicine, Married to Medicine, we try everything we know to achieve healing even at the cost of cutting off a body part.

This season of Married to Medicine will show case the lives of DOCTORS and doctor’s wives. See us with "the white coats on and the white coats off"! Stay tuned!!!

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