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Jackie Is Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Jackie admits that maybe Simone and Curtis are seeing something in her she might have missed.

By Jacqueline Walters

So I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and now it seems as if today’s demands are too much. You all know, I love what I do and work a lot -- but this particular day, I am my wit's end. Now my practice manager and nurse are making these demands on me. I have phone calls to make and personal obligations I have to meet. Now these ladies are giving me my schedule and wanting checks signed NOW! When it feels like the walls are closing in, I try to get myself out and take a breather. Maybe Simone and Curtis can see some things that I haven’t stopped to notice.

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Now normally I can take it, but, at the end of my morning, it’s just a bit too much. I am going to have an extended lunch break today. I am leaving unannounced because if I say I’m leaving there may be more to do. No, I don’t have any more patients for the day because I have cleared my own schedule. Today, I am leaving and go to my house and just take a breath.

Seeing the inside of my house before dark has brought some attention to things. I noticed "oh my, my pillows are orange and not red." I see very clearly that parenting maybe a big undertaking and I actually need to think it through. Every fiber in my body still wants to answer the call to motherhood, but I guess my life as a doctor is somewhat like motherhood because I so enjoy it. I also realize that I am human and even doctors sometimes have off days. I truly honor and respect my staff, and, yes, they are doing what they were paid to do -- to take care of the patients and the practice.

I love my husband and he loves and protects me even from myself, but maybe today I can see what I haven’t been able to see in the past. Motherhood may be a lot because I love what I do and could not and would not want to neglect either of my responsibilities.

Now I didn't go to the Lisa Nicole Princess Party because it seemed like it was a mother/daughter outing. It looks like she didn't spare any expense to make sure her lil' princess had a great party. Now it was unfortunate that the ladies had to have these discussions in front of the lil princesses. Maybe Ms. Manners can have a class with the grown ups as well.

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