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Jackie's Ready for Her Husband to Show

Jackie tries to understand the tension with Toya, Heavenly's relationship advice, and Toya's '80s outfit.

By Jacqueline Walters

Medicine, Marriage, and Mountains in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

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We have decided we would take a couples' trip in to North Georgia mountains to do some bonding as couples and as "the girls"! Now I'm a lil' nervous because every time the girls get together there usually some drama that is going to erupt!

We started out tonight with me discussing this trip with my husband, who can't make it on the first night because he has a game and will have to come up later. I really needed Curtis, who balances me, and we really needed some couple time as well!

Now we are all aware it's Quad or Mariah, so all the couples are coming except Mariah and Aydin!

All the couples are busy trying to get ready for the road trip to The Blue Ridge Mountains. What does this trip hold for us? You have got six couples and 12 personalities! Sometimes, with these ladies I think we may have more than one personality per person. Curtis cannot come up on day one, so I'm gonna ride up with Simone and Cecil! And Dr. Heavenly is riding up with us for the exact same reason! Please Dr. Heavenly, behave yourself on this ride!

Now we are at the cabin and the rooms are first come, first serve. But Simone and I have a formula to get the upstairs rooms! So bye bye, Dr. Heavenly. Downstairs to the basement you go. It's Simone and Cecil's idea, so why wouldn't they get the largest room? I'm the BFF and my hubby is 6'9" so why wouldn't we get the next biggest room? Bye bye Dr. Heavenly, to the basement you go!

Now there seems to be tension coming from Toya directed to Simone, and I'm not sure why! I thought they had kissed and made up -- but we are so determined to have a great trip that we aren't doing anything to let this energy upset our trip. Heavenly is the house relationship expert determined to mend all brokenness! LOL!

Now it's fact that they early birds get the worm (room)! So here comes the wives of our other doctors. Guess what? You have to go to the small cabin! Now Simone, Quad, and Lisa can't get that darn golf cart together so they are outsmarted by Eugene and Toya, who get to the other cabin and get the master suite! In this crazy process, Lisa Nicole is almost crushed by jumping in a moving car! Thank God she's safe!

Now let the trip begin! As Quad, Lisa, and I headed into town to get the supplies, it looks like there were some life-threatening conversation going on! It looks like our relationship expert (wink, wink), Dr. Heavenly and Dr. G are having an interesting debate that gets all the rest of the gang talking -- but at same time, some of them are getting in trouble! I'm sure we will deal more with of these topics this weekend!


Now let's get the party started in here! Back to the '80s we go! We are all dressed in recognizable '80s looks -- but I'm not real sure what era the Harris family is representing. But we don't care. We are gonna have some fun!

The couples' trip has started! We are dancing, eating, and sharing with other couples. I hope that we can exchange enough issues in our marriages that we grow together. Now the night is filled with what has caused us to grow together and what has kept us married! Now the weekend is young, and we all know there is more fun ahead! I can't wait until my husband gets here tomorrow!

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