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Quad Says Mariah Is "Category Closed"

Quad compares Mariah to the Wizard of Oz, thinks Heavenly is no Joel Osteen, and wants to know why Simone is so mad.

By Quad Webb

I see Mariah's up to her sneaky, conniving, manipulative tactics again. Another failed attempt -- inviting Heavenly over with the intentions to persuade her to take a side. Let's be real. It's not only Mariah's mother, that's how they all feel. Lucy acts as her cover. Every moment with her and her family is strategically crafted and contrived to perpetuate her distorted version of reality. What she fails to understand is the truth prevails alone, but liars need comrades to build and solidify their stories. Her and her clan continuously plot to extract a small portion of the truth and then saturate it with lies. She would do anything to keep herself in a glorified fictitious light. Oh my goodness!

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She reminds me of the man behind the curtain, the Wizard of Oz! It's clear she has adopted his deceitful method of projecting a larger than life picture to make others feel small in order to cover her own insecurities. Sorry. I'm not buying it and neither is Heavenly. She's hiding behind lies because she doesn't possess the humility to tell the truth. Her ego is coming out from under her mask darling. She got "me" a job with one phone call? Ha Ha Ha. What deals is she closing on the golf course? She couldn't close a back door deal at the West End Mall.

Mariah, is finally telling the truth about something. She’s right. We are not cut from the same cloth. I’m cut from the finest the fabrics of honesty and integrity. I also agree. We are not from the same type of home. I'm not familiar with 2006 N. Hawthorne, Chattanooga, TN 37406. And I echo, we do not have the same moral fibers. It's not your fault though, the apple certainly doesn't fall far from the tree. There's no mistake that your mother is an instigator. She encourages bad behavior and violence. Her exact words were that Reco and I were skinheads, and that Reco was Satan. Miss Lucy, I respect my elders, but going forward keeping your mouth closed would be more suitable for you.

And Mariah, you said, "I even brought myself down a few notches to make her feel like we were equivalent." I think you got your directions confused. I commend Heavenly for setting the record straight. "No matter how she [Mariah] wants to spin it, it's all the same thing. You did say those things, and you’re saying them over and over again." Teaching me how to be a good wife? Did you pass that class yourself? Girl stop. You're way too full of yourself. Understand this, I look to my mother as an example of how to be a good wife. You my dear are #MarriedtoMessyville #MarriedtoMisery #MarriedtoManipulation

Dr. Jackie, you're not ready for Jackson. You've left him in the car and Child Protective Services has an APB out on you.

Toya, all you need to close on a home is good credit and a good coin. Even Donald Trump doesn’t walk away from $50,000 boo.

I appreciate Heavenly getting the girls together for dinner. However, offering unsolicited advice is an over step of boundaries. You're no Joyce Meyers, Paula White, Joel Osteen, or Iyanla Vanzant. What credentials do you have to advise any of the women at this table? Quite frankly, I'm not sure you take your own advice.

Simone, why so emotional? I understand you and Mariah have a medical relationship, but I didn't know it was that personal. You mad or naw???


I’ve decided to take my husband's advice. Moving forward, the ladies can choose to do what they will with Mariah. As for me, I'm removing myself from her theatrics and childish antics.
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