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Quad's Moment of Clarity

Quad reflects on her puppy couture business, Simone's ghetto ways, EP titles, and wishes Mariah peace and enlightenment.

By Quad Webb

While I hate to rehash this, it is the Reunion. Welcome to The Reunion Part 1!

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BUSY CAREEERS, BIG DREAMS, EYE ROLL,S and HEAD SPINS as Andy sips the tea. Yes, Picture Perfect Pup! Dr. Jackie and Simone were laughing so hard at the idea of my puppy couture line. Well, I'm laughing with them. . .all the way to the bank. I launched last week and I'm getting my piece of the pie. That's the $17.4 billion pie. Thank you.

Simone, apparently you don't understand money, and it shows -- seeing that you had tons of financial issues this season. Remember, I've always encouraged you to diversify your portfolio. I don't think a $17.4 billion industry is anything to laugh at. #GetYouSome

I asked these ladies the same question that was asked by Andy: What was so funny about the puppy couture line? Their answer was, "It was cold." Never would I laugh at the temperature. I would have a shot of espresso or sit by the fireplace, or I might even ask Heavenly for a sip out of her coffee mug. But, laugh? No. I never knew that I changed my name to Boo Boo the fool. To laugh at someone's dream is just like saying they can't do it. I was very disappointed to see this coming from these two ladies -- especially Jackie, the matriarch, Ms. Lemon Squeeze. #WomenEmpowerment

The doctors were bringing us #fiftyshadesofshade. Simone got all the way krunk with Toya and threw out some fighting words that made Toya do an Exorcist spin circa 1973. Why? Because Toya didn't want her to wind and grind on her husband? Damn, Simone got grimy and gutter with it. She called Toya a "raggedy ass, broke bitch."  Then she went on to say that she was leasing houses and cars trying to impress everyone. Let's call her #DrDeep&Dangerous. I didn't want to see any more physical altercations. I didn't like it when Toya and Mariah got into a fist fight last season so, naturally my first instinct was to jump in and break this fight up.


OK, Dr. Heavenly is a shady grove. Did you see all the funny faces and eye rolls? She was cracking me up. I hear that "the people" are calling her Dr. Hennessy because they think they know what she's sipping out of that "Team Daddy" coffee mug. Haha. However, I do respect her honesty.

MARIAH'S EP CREDIT: Mariah lead everyone to believe that this is her show but, it's not. The show is produced by Purveyors of Pop and distributed by Free Mantle and aired on Bravo TV. She does not sign our checks, nor does she have the power to hire nor fire anyone on this show. She likes to put stories out hoping that they catch on like an avalanche. I must admit, I was in the dark too.


I know a lot of people will say that I am jealous of Mariah but, I'm not. What is there to be jealous of? I have always given Mariah the credit she deserves and more. In every interview I've always acknowledged and praised her for her efforts. Allow me to carefully express that this show would not have happened had she not had the perseverance and met the right people. Now, listen attentively and take copious notes. 

Mariah was a doctor's wife and knew other doctor’s and their wives. She made the introduction to a few ladies, myself being one. There's a reason that Married to Medicine got picked up. We all earned this position on our own merit – not because Mariah says who goes and who stays. In a sense, she was nothing more than a glorified casting director. She didn't put one brown penny on this show. She is not creating story lines, directing scenes nor editing footage. But I solute her for negotiating her vanity title. #Werk #JobWellDone #YouDidThat

Heavenly and Toya have solidified the truth. Mariah's idea of support was for me to be subordinate to her. She wanted me to dim my light to keep hers shining. We came in this together and it was my wish that we would rise to the top together, as friends. What I didn't know was that Mariah thought this was a popularity contest. Since Mariah had some connections to the producers of the show, she thought that she was entitled to be the star of the show. When The New York Times said that I was the star of the show, that's when jealously reared its ugly head. A lot of things started happening that the audience and the other ladies were not privy too. No one should be made to walk on eggshells or to hold their tonuge around their friends. No one should have to kiss her ass to stay in her good graces. She took my loyalty as a sign of subordination -- and my success as a rebellion. But, for me, that's all in the past. Bless her little heart. I wish her peace and enlightenment.

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