Simone: I'm Not Swaying

Simone: I'm Not Swaying

Simone explains why she's changing her approach with Quad and Mariah and the key to a successful marriage.

Thank you everyone for watching our show last week and giving us great viewing numbers even with the change to a 9:30 pm start time. As always I had a great time live tweeting with everyone on Twitter. As you can see from this episode, "Back to Life, Back to Reality" would be a good title for this show. We had a great time in Blue Ridge and the couples' retreat was a huge success. Please be on the lookout for a couples' retreat, I am in the process of planning, so you can join me for the same type of fun.

I know many of you have called me out for playing the fence on the Mariah and Quad disagreement. It was fun seeing Mariah and it was a nice touch for her to personally deliver an invitation to the Cinnamon Girl product release party. I admit I was caught up in Blue Ridge when I talked about not including Mariah and not attending her events. As I stated, when we got in the car to drive home, Cecil talked to me in detail about my friendship with Mariah and how he totally disagreed with this action. After hearing his points, I agreed with him and decided I would continue to be her friend REGARDLESS of what the group chose, even if it meant losing the group as friends.

I'm glad you had a chance to see me thank Cecil for all of his support during this year of difficult financial times with my practice. I know I don't always listen to him when he is giving good advice. As you all know, I am a strong woman and I have been very successful with my private practice. I have been very fortunate and blessed to make excellent moves with North Perimeter OB/GYN and we have grown every year. This billing issue was my first major hiccup and I thought I could figure it out without any assistance. In hindsight, I should have cleaned the wax out of my ears and listened to Cecil. LOL. The key to a successful marriage is to have a mate who is your number one fan and great teammate. Cecil and I have made a great team for 18 years and we have worked together through good times and bad times to support each other. Also, believe it or not, I ask for his opinion often on my wardrobe selections when we are going out. Now, he doesn't ask me for help on his wardrobe selections, but he is a real man and would refuse anything I had to say. LOL!

It was awesome to see Jackie and Kursten having a mother/daughter moment. Their time together was during the difficult teenage years, so I know it was good for Jackie to hear those sweet words from Kursten.

Lisa Nicole's fashion show was another outstanding event and I had big fun watching the models walk the catwalk.

My conversation with Quad was disappointing, because she continues to say I am swaying on my actions with Mariah. I am definitely not swaying on my friendship with Mariah! Now I have changed my approach several times during this year. In the beginning, my goal was to try and bring Mariah and Quad back together as friends. Once Quad made it clear she didn't want to be in her company, I ended this plan. The second approach this year was to give Mariah an opportunity to talk with the other ladies and strengthen those friendships. This was my sole purpose of inviting Mariah to Blue Ridge, never to have Mariah and Quad in the same room talking about their issues. I have been in the room with them several times this year and I am still not clear on what is the real beef between the two ladies. One thing I am clear on, Mariah hasn’t done anything malicious towards me and she is still my friend. Quad and I have built a great friendship this year. However, I am not in grade school, so I don’t believe I have to make a decision on my friends, based on some imaginary teams.


For everyone who watched our show this week on this BET Awards Week, I have to give an extra special thank you!!!! Not sure how we got the short straw this week, but I love the fans for your support.

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