Simone: Why Start Now?

Simone: Why Start Now?

Dr. Simone wonders why she should improve her sex life now, but did enjoy her slumber party with the girls.

Thanks so much for tuning in to Married to Medicine. I am grateful for you!

Every year Cecil takes a golf trip and every year I get a little grouchy about the fact that he takes this trip. You would think I should’ve adjusted and accepted the trip by now. Marriage can be really tough sometimes because men and women think so differently on various issues. There is not always a middle ground. Just once, I thought Cecil should have considered not going on his annual trip because of “our” difficult financial situation. In actuality, it was “my” difficult financial situation, which didn’t affect him as much as it affected me. He thought there wasn’t a single reason why he couldn’t take the golf trip, so he booked it without a single word to me.

My good friend, Jackie, helped me to realize that I'm grouchy about Cecil's golf trip even when finances are good. I've made a decision to work on my attitude and try to be happy and supportive for the golf trip. Truth is I would be sad if he couldn't make a trip he loves to take. Selfish, not selfish . . . so much more to learn in my marriage. I had to put my bad mood to the side to plan a girls' night. I'm always excited when I can have a night of fun uninterrupted by medicine!

Jackie was not able to make the girls' night because she had an event for her Breast Cancer foundation. Sorry she missed it but I wonder if she would've driven to my house in her lingerie like Quad did.

I'm not sure how Quad misunderstood my invitation for the evening and drove across the city in her lingerie, but it was shocking as hell to open my front door and see her standing there in an outfit made only for Dr. Greg, not the general public. Now I'm wondering if Chef Chris has ever been invited to cook at a lingerie party. He was sweating in the kitchen because it was HOT with hot bodies! LOL!  Leave it to Ms. Quad to spice up the plans.

Quad and Lisa teased me about my loungewear, my dancing, my lack of bedroom skills, and everything under the moon! I have been married for 17 years and if I didn’t start with those habits in the beginning, why start now?!?


We really had a fun girls' night, and I truly learned a thing or two from these girlfriends. Leave it to them to point out my flaws, even though I didn't really want to know. Quad and Lisa did encourage me to be a little more aggressive and sharing with the affection for Cecil. I just might have to take their advice if I want the spice back in my marriage. A fun evening without a hint of drama. Good food, good drinks, great girlfriends, and a great time. Home alone (without the golfer) ain't so bad after all.

Hope you'll tune in again next week because it looks like it’s going to be off the chain! I can't wait.

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