Toya on Friendship Etiquette

Toya on Friendship Etiquette

Toya thinks Simone is a coward and a two-headed snake and explains what really happened with their home.

Where’s the etiquette in friendship?

To try and understand the duplicity of Simone is like attempting to project the direction of a two-headed snake. Her actions are both biting and sneaky. She seems to be advocating for Mariah's inclusion on the couples trip, yet when the opinions of all of the ladies are voiced, she quickly backs down. Simone is a coward. At least Mariah and I know where we stand: we are known adversaries who, for the sake of keeping the peace, will tolerate each other.

Isn't it ironic that all of this went down during a princess party where there was an etiquette coach? A few of the ladies need a lesson in friendship etiquette. True friends defend, not deflect criticisms. They stand up for each other. They don't cower at the feeling of being overpowered by opposing opinions.

A true friend is to be trusted; an enemy is to be evaded. But what do you do when someone wears both hats?

When Mariah asked Heavenly, "Don’t you think I’ve been a friend to you?" She responded, "I think you have some things to learn about friendship." Well isn't that the mirror on the wall that should be speaking to her own reflection. Heavenly tried to call me out, in front of the other ladies about my pending home purchase. She suggested that something perhaps was going wrong with our planned new home -- something wrong financially. Rest assured Heavenly, if you were a TRUE friend, we would have had this conversation in private.

But, if you must know, here it is:

 My attorney Hadiyah Claxton is an expert at the art of negotiation, but unfortunately my husband and our realtor decided to move forward with the details of our housing contract without having an attorney look at the purchase agreement. That misstep unfortunately resulted in us forfeiting the money we put down on the house. We had to walk away. The seller put us in an awkward position and even requested that we extend the contract and add $10K on top of what we already put up as earnest money.  We had to cut our losses and move on. This was not the home for us.

As that door seemed to close, did God swing open a window of opportunity? We got wind of a HOUSE -- 11,000 square feet and a sweet deal: a lease purchase. Who knew? With this arrangement, we are paying rent, but it goes towards the purchase of the home -- all the while we have the opportunity to get a feel for what owning such a home will be like. So, alls well that ends well. We are closer to the boys' schools and Eugene is much closer to the hospital where he works. Eugene even gets to near many of his Nomad MD clients. 

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