Heavenly: It Did Look Like a Setup to Me

Heavenly: It Did Look Like a Setup to Me

Heavenly gives her take on the Jill/Lisa Nicole situation.

It's always a blast hanging with these ladies
Honestly, Toya was right when she said it's a job trying to keep these ladies in order.

OMG, Quad is so extra with that big ass maxi pad on her face for that little scratch.
I'm glad her husband set her straight! It's people who are really sick at the ER. She had no business there.

I knew when we heard about the background checks it was going to be trouble.
Lisa was wrong for saying Quad and Mariah had a lesbian relationship. I heard that, too, but I think people just said it because they were so emotional when they stopped being friends. 
Honestly, I don't think I've ever cried about a woman not being my friend. Ever. So I see how folks probably thought that.

Lisa really has unresolved issues with her husband. I don't think you can put total trust in any man--or any person for that matter! Put your trust in God!
It did seem like Jill went in the back of the club and came back when the stripper arrived. Honestly, it did look like a set up to me.

Did Jill Set Up Lisa Nicole?
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Poor Lisa--they just won't let up on her.
Nothing new with Jackie...All work and no play makes Dr. Jackie dull!
We need a positive event!

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