Toya Bush-Harris

Toya Bush-Harris has roots in Detroit, yet she embraced the family-centered life and has now transplanted to Atlanta. At one time, Toya was a career-loving, independent spirit, however once she married Dr. Eugene Harris and became a wife and mother of two amazing boys, Ashton and Avery, that part of her life quieted, and a shift happened. Being primarily a stay-at-home mother has been a choice. Toya believes the first five years of a child’s life are formative and extremely impressionable and wanted to make sure she was there to intimately shape her children's psyche. Strong family bonds are formed early on; a child gets a sense of who they are and how they relate to the world around them.

Having numerous years working for fortune 500 companies under her belt, she’s using the expertise from her corporate experience and her training as a teacher to play an active role in both of her sons' education and the family business. "Having had experience as a teacher, my hope is that I can continue where the teacher has left off. As a mother and former educator, my goal is for my sons to use the classroom, their experience, and my reinforcement as a 'classroom for life.'” Toya is a wife and mother with a purpose and a plan!

Toya Bush-Harris embodies the true essence of what Chaka Khan calls “Every Woman." She is a true friend, a MegaMom, a supportive wife, and a dynamic woman. This season she is focused on not just being a MEGAMOM, but a HOT one. Toya is utilizing her graduate degree to help expand her family business, Nomad MD.  She is only touching the surface of her potential. Toya is also now working on her children’s book series; we believe an author is on the horizon.


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