Heavenly: Life Is All About Family

Heavenly: Life Is All About Family

Dr. Heavenly dishes on how she feels about the ladies and what's most important to her.

As the world turns...

You know life is all about family, that's most important to me. It is important that I take care of my kids and my husband and make sure they know they are important. I spend a lot of time with my daughter. I want her to understand that she can do or be anything in this world! I am taking her to my office to show her what I do. I honestly thought that she may have wanted to become a dentist...I was mistaken.


I think Toya is on the defense because of how Dr. Simone treated her last year. She definitely seems more confident this year! I do respect the fact that she gave up her career to stay at home with her children. I think Simone has a problem with Toya's lifestyle. Hell, Toya makes not working look enticing has hell, she really looks young and stress free...is it possible that Toya has it all figured out? It's great to have options!

Simone and Toya Try to Talk Out Their Issues

I think Simone's problems can be solved by some hot steamy sex and a good night's sleep! She gets too angry too quickly. I think she may need to talk to someone about that. All I can say is poor Cecil...I would never talk to Daddy that way!  

Lisa has a lot of issues going on at once. I can understand tax issues, when you make more than expected in a year. I do think she should stop bringing up cheating. If it happened before her marriage and she forgave him, she should just let it go! Looks like her issues with Quad will get a whole lot worse before they get better! 

Wait a minute. Is Jackie an OB/GYN or a weight loss doctor? Someone should tell Dr. Jackie over-working and sleep deprivation also add to the causes of premature death. She herself does not look healthy being that thin. Maybe if she had a few Big Macs and a nap she may get something for poor Curtis to hold onto.


Hold on is Quad, Columbo, Nancy Drew, or Inspector Gadget? What she needs to be doing is working on is getting Dr. G a baby, before he goes elsewhere to get one. She is really worried about the wrong thing. I know for a fact she is lying if she says Lisa did not sincerely apologize to her, I personally witnessed Lisa apologize this summer! Oh and she getting information on Lisa's whole family? I think this whole background check thing is going too far!  

Quad Wants a Background Check

As a certified Relationship Coach, I think many of the ladies are in need my services. Hell, I may even give them a discount...lol.

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